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Travel Information Europe

On this website you will find information about toll, traffic, travel documents and more. Are you going abroad on holiday shortly? Prepare your trip and stay well. Learn the local traffic rules, what is required in the car or what’s the local currency. We wish you a pleasant holiday.


Learn everything about the great country of France, like traffic rules, getting around, the weather and much more. Go to France


Germany has the largest population of all countries in the European Union. The capital of Germany is Berlin. Go to Germany


Spain offers more than sun, sea and beach. Taste the regional dishes and the tapas and enjoy the diverse nature. Go to Spain


From the Alps to the Adriatic coast, from Rome to San Gimignano: enjoy an unforgettable holiday … Go to Italy


The coast of Croatia stretches almost 1800 kilometers and Croatia has 1200 islands: a sun and sea destination for all. Go to Croatia


The mountains in Austria offer expansive views and there are hundreds of campsites along the lakes. Go to Austria


Poland is a country of cities that had to be rebuilt over and over, as well as castles and castle ruins. Lovers of history and nature will get their money’s worth. Go to Poland


Anyone who comes to Denmark for the first time will be amazed by the peace and space in this small country, which has something to offer for everyone. Go to Denmark


Belgians love good food and a drink. One of the highlights are the Ardennes in the Wallonia region. Go to Belgium


Norway is known for its impressive photogenic natural beauty. Snowy plateaus, sharp mountain peaks, waterfalls and lakes, extensive forests and a long coastline. Go to Norway


Windmills, dikes, lakes, canals, beaches and varied landscapes. The Netherlands has it all! Go to the Netherlands


Sweden is the largest country in the Scandinavian peninsula. The country stretches from the temperate zone in the south to the cool north. Go to Sweden


Finland’s lake district has no less than 200,000 lakes, much more than you can imagine. And along the west and south coast spreads an idyllic archipelago with tens of thousands of islands. Go to Finland


In Portugal you can go for a pleasant beach holiday in the Algarve or perhaps a brisk mountain walk in the Serra da Estrela. Or visit cultural cities such as Lisbon, Coimbra or Porto. Go to Portugal


Greece is known as the cradle of our civilization and the cradle of our democracy. If you look beyond the classical columns, you will discover a fantastic landscape under a pleasant sun. Go to Greece