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Paying in Austria

Paying in Austria, how about that? Are there ATMs in Austria just like in your home country? What is the price level in Austria, and how about giving tips in Austria after a nice dinner or drinks on a cozy terrace? On this page you will find everything about paying in Austria.



  • Euro (EUR)

Debit card and credit card

  • Debit cards (both debit and credit cards) are accepted almost everywhere.
  • Banks and credit companies provide information about the possibilities and costs of debit cards.


  • Austria has plenty of ATMs (Bankomat).
  • Note: Withdrawing money with a bank card is not always free in the euro zone, even in the euro zone. ATM operators are allowed to charge fees per transaction, either a fixed amount or a percentage. This is increasingly common in Austria. This should be indicated on the ATM or on the screen, however only a few ATMs report the exact cost before the PIN is entered. Ask your bank which ATMs are free. Sometimes when paying, for example in shops and restaurants, you can also withdraw an amount of money without extra costs.
  • Current information about ATMs in a particular locality can be found at, among others, mastercard.com/atmlocator and visa.com/atmlocator.


  • Bring a variety of payment methods with you and keep them separately: a bank card, a credit card and cash.
  • Using a bank card is usually cheaper than using a credit card. The costs differ per bank, per bank card and per credit card. If a fixed amount is charged per transaction, frequent use of a debit card for small amounts is not recommended.
  • There is usually a spending limit per day or per week for bank cards. The bank can increase the limit on request. Arrange this before you travel. With a credit card, you can increase the spending limit by transferring an extra amount to the credit card account or by requesting a higher credit from the bank or credit card company.
  • Have your debit card blocked immediately in case of loss or theft.


  • In Austria you can pay contactless with some phones. Ask your bank for more information. Current information on paying with a mobile phone can also be found at support.apple.com/apple-pay and support.google.com/pay.
  • Sometimes pins do not work due to a bad connection. This is sometimes the case, especially in Tyrol.
  • Taxis often do not have a payment terminal.


  • Service charge is included in the price. For good service, tip by rounding up or leaving small change.
  • You can round the amount for taxi drivers.

Price level

  • Budget overnight: from € 27.
  • Mid-range overnight stay: approximately € 60.
  • Simple meal: from € 10.
  • Dinner 3 courses (2 pers.): From € 45.
  • Taxi ride (approx. 3 km): from € 10.
  • Cup of coffee: from € 2.70.
  • Beer: from € 3.50.