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Austria Traffic Signs by Travel Information Europe
Most traffic signs in Austria are (virtually) the same as traffic signs in many other EU countries. Here, in particular, Austrian road signs are listed that may differ from those in your home country or differ from familiar road signs in terms of appearance or significance.

Road signs Austria

  • The traffic signs in Austria hardly differ from those in most European countries.
  • The text on the road signs and signposts is predominantly German, but can also be bilingual depending on the region, for example German and Slovenian.
  • Note: a square blue sign with a horizontal white bar across the entire width in the lower half and a short white bar perpendicular to it in the middle means: Dead end.

Car and motorcycle

  • A round blue sign with a white band with a snow chain on it means that snow chains are mandatory.
  • A red, yellow and green sign hanging from the overhead line in front of a tram indicates that at a junction with a red or yellow traffic light, trams enter the street in the indicated direction.
  • The round white sign with a red border indicating that the road is closed for all motor vehicles except for motorbikes, depicts an old-fashioned car that differs considerably from the one shown in other European countries on the same sign.
  • A round white sign with a red border and a horn with a red diagonal line through it means that it is forbidden to horn.
  • If a triangular warning sign with two black and one red car appears on an electronic sign along the motorway, that is a warning for a ghost driver.
  • A round blue sign with a white number on it (for example 30) indicates the minimum speed.
  • A turning prohibition is indicated by a round white sign with a red border and an inverted black U which, also has a red line through it.
  • A white round sign with a red border, a black arrow deflecting to the left or right and a red diagonal bar over it means: Forbidden to turn left (or right).
  • If the sign Stopping and parking prohibited (blue, round with a red border and a red cross) has a bottom sign with the symbol of a plug, only electric cars may be parked there to be charged.

Bicycle and pedestrian

  • In addition to the well-known round blue Cycle Path sign, there are also similar signs that indicate a bicycle / footpath, with or without separate sections for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • A rectangular blue sign with a white field with silhouettes of a man and a woman indicates a pedestrian area.


If a wide orange band is attached to a lamppost, it indicates that this lamppost does not burn all night.


German / English
Auf pfeifsignem / Observe the whistle of a train
Ausfahrt / Exit
Dachlawine / Watch out for snow that can fall from roofs
Einbahn / One-way traffic
Kurzparkzone / Short-term parking zone
Mo-Fr / From Monday to Friday
Sackgasse / Dead end
Working tags / From Monday to Saturday