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Paying in Belgium, what about that? Are there ATMs just like in your home country? What is the price level and how much do you give as a tip after a cozy drink or dinner? On this page you will find everything about paying in Belgium.

Money Belgium


  • Euro (EUR)

Debit card

  • Debit cards (both debit and credit cards) are accepted almost everywhere.
  • Banks and credit companies provide information about the possibilities and costs of debit cards.


  • Belgium has plenty of ATMs.
  • Withdrawing money with a bank card is not always free in the euro zone. ATM operators are allowed to charge fees per transaction, either a fixed amount or a percentage. These costs should be indicated on the ATM or on the screen, however, only a few ATMs indicate the exact costs before you enter the PIN. Ask your bank which ATMs are free of charge.
  • Current information about ATMs in a particular locality can be found at, among others, and

Payment tips in Belgium

  • Bring a variety of payment methods and keep them separately: a bank card, a credit card and cash.
  • Using a bank card is usually cheaper than using a credit card. The costs differ per bank, per bank card and per credit card. If a fixed amount is charged per transaction, frequent use of a debit card for small amounts is not recommended.
  • There is usually a spending limit per day or per week for bank cards. The bank can increase the limit on request. Arrange this before you travel. With a credit card, you can increase the spending limit by transferring an extra amount to the credit card account or by requesting a higher credit from the bank or credit card company.
  • Have your debit card blocked immediately in case of loss or theft.

Contacless payment with iPhone or Android in Belgium

  • In Belgium you can pay contactless with a telephone. Ask your bank for more information. Up-to-date information about paying with a mobile phone can also be found at and

Pricing level in Belgium

  • Budget overnight: from € 35.
  • Mid-range overnight stay: approximately € 85.
  • Simple meal: from € 22.
  • Dinner 3 courses (2 pers.): From € 78.
  • Taxi ride (approx. 3 km): from € 10.>/li>
  • Cup of coffee: from € 2.70.
  • Belgium! Beer: from € 4.

Tipping in Belgium

  • Service charge is included in the hotel or restaurant bill.
  • A tip of 5% is appreciated for good service. You can also round the amount up or leave the small change.
  • You can round the amount for taxi drivers.