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Croatia Fuel Prices

Croatia Fuel Prices by Travel Information Europe
Not all types of fuel are available in Croatia. Furthermore, the fuels that are available have different names.

Current Fuel Prices in Croatia

Petrol (Euro 95): € 1.33
Diesel: € 1.30
LPG: € 0.64



  • Lead-free Euro 95 (Eurosuper 95 / Bez Dovni Benzin / bezolovni petrol) is readily available. Bezolovni means lead-free. Please note: Super 95 (without Euro in front) is also offered at some filling stations, but this petrol may not meet European quality requirements.
  • Lead-free Superplus 98 (Eurosuper 98 / Eurosuper Plus 98) is readily available. There is also Eurosuper 100 available.


  • Diesel (Eurodiesel) is readily available. Note: Diesel (without Euro in front) is also sold at some petrol stations, but this fuel may be of lower quality. Tank no plavi dizel, eurodiesel plavi, diesel-plavi (the word plavi means blue). This is diesel with a lower excise duty that contains a blue color and is only intended for agricultural vehicles, ships and the like. This diesel can not be used in cars and campers.


  • LPG (LPG / Autoplin) is available at around 450 filling stations in Croatia. For an overview of LPG filling stations go to mylpg.eu.
  • In order to refuel LPG, an Italian piping (dish) may be required for an LPG installation with your nations standard connection (bayonet). This is available under the name Gasnippel Italy. (A European nipple (acme) is required in Germany.)

Natural gas

  • Natural gas (Prirodni Plin) is very limited available. As far as we know, natural gas filling stations can only be found in Zagreb and Rijeka. For an up-to-date overview of all locations, visit ngeurope.com or use the PitPoint app for IOS or Android to find natural gas filling stations.

Bio ethanol

  • Bioethanol is, as far as is known, not available in Croatia.


  • Croatia has about 600 charging points (source: eafo.eu). (For comparison: The Netherlands has approximately 60,000 charging points according to eafo.eu.)
  • The network of public charging points is not flawless and traveling with an electric car through Croatia requires a lot of planning and preparation.
  • An up-to-date overview of the locations of charging stations can be found at chargemap.com and openchargemap.org.

Petrol stations Croatia

Opening hours

  • Most petrol stations are open from 7 to 19 or 20 hours. In the summer the closing time is often 22 hours.
  • The filling stations are often open day and night in the major cities and along important roads.


  • You can pay cash, with a debit card or credit card at manned petrol stations. In villages and along smaller roads you can sometimes only pay cash.

Tank vending machines

  • At various filling stations, tanks can be refueled outside the opening hours.