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Croatia Money

Paying in Croatia, what about that? Are there ATMs just like in your home country? What is the price level and how much do you give as a tip after a cozy drink or dinner? On this page you will find everything about paying in Croatia.

Money Croatia


  • Kuna (HRK)

Credit card, Debit card, Bank card

  • Credit cards are accepted at almost all hotels, restaurants and shops. At filling stations it is increasing but still limited.
  • Bank cards are accepted at cash and ATM machines with a Cirrus or Maestrologo.
  • Using a bank card is usually cheaper than using a credit card. If the bank or credit card company charges a fixed amount per transaction, frequent use of a debit card (both bank card and credit card) for small amounts is not recommended.
  • There is usually a limit per day; the limit can be adjusted on request by the bank or credit card company.


  • Croatia has lot’s of ATMs.
  • Current information about ATMs in a certain location can be found at or

  • Withdrawing money is usually cheaper with a bank card than with a credit card.
  • Banks, post offices and exchange offices exchange money. Hotels usually exchange at a less favorable rate than banks.
  • Current information about banknotes and coins can be found at


Over time, Croatia will likely switch to the euro. The effective date is unknown.

Tipping in Croatia

  • Service fees are usually included in the restaurant or hotel bill. If that is not the case, then a tip of 10% is customary. Give a tip for a good service.
  • You can round up the amount for taxi drivers.

Price level Croatia

  • Budget stay: from € 24.
  • Mid-range accommodation: approximately € 30-100.
  • Simple meal: from € 6.
  • Dinner 3 courses: from € 13.
  • Taxi ride (about 3 km.): From € 6.
  • Cup of coffee: from € 1.
  • Beer: from € 1.50.