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Paying in Denmark … Denmark is a member of the European Union, but can you pay with euros? Are there ATMs just like in your home country? You can also read here about the price level and what is customary with regards to tipping.

Paying in Denmark

Currency Denmark

  • Danish krone (DKK)

Debit card

  • Debit cards (both debit and credit cards) are accepted almost everywhere.
  • Banks and credit companies provide information about the possibilities and costs of debit cards.

Cash and ATM in Denmark

  • Denmark has plenty of ATMs (pengeautomat, hæveautomat).
  • Current information about ATMs in a particular locality can be found at, among others, mastercard.com/atmlocator and visa.com/atmlocator.
  • Banks, post offices and exchange offices exchange money. Hotels generally trade at a less favorable rate than banks.
  • Current information on Denmark’s banknotes and coins can be found at nationalbanken.dk/en/banknotes_and_coins/Pages/default.aspx.


  • Bring different payment methods with you and keep them separately: a bank card, a credit card and cash.
  • Using a bank card is usually cheaper than using a credit card. The costs differ per bank, per bank card and per credit card. If a fixed amount is charged per transaction, frequent use of a debit card for small amounts is not recommended.
  • There is usually a spending limit per day or per week for bank cards. The bank can increase the limit on request. Arrange this before you travel. With a credit card, you can increase the spending limit by transferring an extra amount to the credit card account or by requesting a higher credit from the bank or credit card company.
  • Have your debit card blocked immediately in case of loss or theft.


  • In Denmark you can pay contactless with a telephone. Ask your bank for more information. Up-to-date information about paying with a mobile phone can also be found at support.apple.com/apple-pay and support.google.com/pay.
  • Ferries to and from Germany can be paid with euros or Danish kroner. Here and there, especially where many tourists and other travelers come (museums, airports, etc.), euros are accepted; however, the change usually consists of Danish kroner.
  • The Danish krone is also accepted in the Faroe Islands.

Price level in Denmark

  • Budget overnight: from € 30.
  • Mid-range overnight stay: approximately € 120.
  • Simple meal: from € 18.
  • Dinner 3 courses (2 pers.): From € 80.
  • Taxi ride (approx. 3 km): from € 9.
  • Cup of coffee: from € 4.50.
  • Beer: from € 5.80.

Tipping in Denmark

  • Service charge is included in the hotel or restaurant bill. A tip of 5-10% is appreciated if you are very satisfied with the service.
  • Tips for taxi drivers are included in the price, but rounding is appreciated.
  • Guides count on a tip of approximately 10%.