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There are no toll roads in Denmark. However, for the Great Belbrug (Storebæltsbroen) between Funen and Sjælland, for the Oresund Bridge (Øresundsbroen) between Denmark and Sweden, and for the Crown Princess Mary Bridge (Kronprinsesse Marys Bro) across the Roskildefjord, tolls have to be paid. Here you will find informtion on the toll fees and wether you can pay in EUR at each of the bridges.

Toll in Denmark

Paying toll in Denmark

  • You can pay in cash in Danish crowns or euros, and at Oresund Bridge also in Swedish crowns or with a Bropas, see below. Cash payment is not possible at the Crown Princess Marybrug.
  • Major credit cards and bank cards with Maestro logo are accepted.

Pay with EasyGo

  • An easy way to pay toll and ferry fees in Denmark, Sweden and Norway is EasyGo. The system can be used on bridges and roads of various toll companies and on ferry services between Denmark and Germany. In addition, certain discounts apply.
  • EasyGo can also be used in Austria, but here only for vehicles with a permissible maximum mass of more than 3500 kg. More information at easygo.com.
  • The system works with a toll badge, called OBE (On Board Equipment), which must be attached behind the windscreen.
    The OBE is available from any of the bridges or ferry services to Denmark and Sweden, or from the service providers through one of the following websites: autopass.no, asfinag.at, brobizz.com/en, scandlines.com and oresundsbron.com.
    When approaching a toll plaza or ferry service, follow the signs for BroBizz / AutoPASS / EasyGo. The amount due will be debited from your credit card account via the toll badge.
  • At easygo.com/en/countries you can find an overview of the locations where EasyGo can be used and at what rates. Information can also be obtained from the local payment points in Scandinavia.

Tolls for bridges in Denmark

Great Belt Bridge

  • The Great Belt Bridge (Storebæltsbroen) connects the islands of Funen (Nyborg) and Zealand (Korsør).
  • A railway line also runs across the bridge. As pedestrians and cyclists are not allowed on the bridge, they must use the train. The train runs between the stations of Nyborg and Korsør. In summer, shuttle buses also run between Nyborg and Korsør.
  • Motorcycles with a toll badge must take a credit card toll gate.
  • Campers higher than 2.7 m with a toll badge must use a toll booth with crew.
  • Rates updated in December 2020. Rates are converted into euros and depend on the exchange rate.
  • For more information, current rates and rates for vehicles over 3500 kg see storebaelt.dk/en.
 One way  Danish kroner  EUR
 Cars and motorcycles up to 3 m in length  130  19
 Cars, motorcycles and vans, including any trailer, campers, 3-6 m length  245  35
 Cars and vans, including any caravan or trailer, 6-10 m length  375  53

Oresund Bridge

  • The Oresund Bridge (Øresundsbron) is the connection between Denmark and Sweden.
  • A railway line also runs across the bridge. As pedestrians and cyclists are not allowed on the bridge, they must use the train. The train runs between Copenhagen and Malmö stations. For information, see dsb.dk/en or sj.se/en/home.html.
  • You can pay cash at the bridge in Swedish crowns, Danish crowns or euros.
  • Major credit cards are accepted. For more information see oeresundsbron.com/en/customerservice/faq/start.
  • You can pay online for the Oresund Bridge (at least 30 minutes in advance) via oeresundsbron.com/en/cash-ticket.
  • Return tickets are not available, but for those who also drive back via the Oresund Bridge, a BroPas / ØresundBizz can be advantageous. A Bropas costs € 43 per year. If you drive back and forth between 5 and 24 hours on the same day between 1 September and 31 December, the Bropas will be even cheaper (‘SmutTur’). For more information see oeresundsbron.com/en/bropas.
  • Rates (rounded) in euros, updated December 2020.
  • For more information and current rates see oeresundsbron.com.
 One way  A  B  C
 Cars and vans up to 6 m in length  49 54 23
 Cars and vans 6 to 10 m in length, and combinations with caravan or trailer up to 15 m  98  108  46
 Cars and vans longer than 10 m, and combinations with caravan or trailer longer than 15 m  186  202  88
 Motorcycles  27  29  11
  • A: when paying online in advance.
  • B: with cash payment or by credit card.
  • C: when paying with BroPas / ØresundBizz.

Crown Princess Mary Bridge

  • The Crown Princess Mary Bridge (Kronprinsesse Marys Bro) lies across the Roskildefjord south of Frederikssund and is part of Primærrute 53.
  • Payment can be made with a toll badge or by license plate recognition.
  • For more information and current rates see fjordpay.dk/en.
 One way  A  B  C
 Vehicles up to and including 3500 kg  14  15  34
 Vehicles over 3500 kg  41  42  61
 Three-wheeled vehicles up to 400 kg and motorcycles  –  –  –
 Rates in Danish kroner, updated December 2020.      
  • A: for immediate payment with a toll badge or via license plate.
  • B: when payment is made within five days.
  • C: in case of payment after five days.