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Denmark Traffic Fines

Denmark Traffic Fines by Travel Information Europe

Traffic fines Denmark

You obviously do not intend to, but what if you do violate the traffic rules in Denmark? What about the fine?

In Denmark you can usually pay fines on the spot. Here you will find the penalty rates for the most common fines.

Traffic violations in Denmark

Danish Fine handling

  • The police are authorized to impose a traffic ticket on the spot. Foreigners must pay the fine immediately.
  • If the fine is not paid immediately, a fast-track procedure will follow.


  • If the fine is not paid immediately, for example because an appeal is lodged, a deposit must be paid. the amount of the expected fine, plus procedural costs.
  • Instead of paying a deposit, the vehicle can also be impounded until a judgment has been given and the fine has been paid.

Points driver’s license

  • Denmark has a penalty point system for a number of serious traffic offenses that also applies to foreigners.
  • If a driving disqualification or a driving ban is imposed on the basis of this system, this only applies in Denmark.

Liability for the traffic fine

  • After a traffic violation in Denmark which is not handled on the spot, the license plate holder is written to with the request to disclose the identity of the driver. The driver will then receive the fine.


  • In the event of an arrest, for example after a traffic accident, the embassy can provide information about the case law and further course of affairs.

Traffic fines and penalty rates in Denmark

Penalty rates

  • The amounts mentioned are indications and may in practice be higher or lower, depending on the circumstances under which the traffic violation was committed.

Traffic fines for speeding violation in Denmark

  • On roads with a maximum speed of up to 100 km / h: from DKK 1,000, depending on the percentage by which the speed limit has been exceeded.
  • On roads with a maximum speed of more than 100 km / h: from DKK 1,000, depending on the percentage by which the speed limit has been exceeded.
  • Vehicles heavier than 3,500 kg and vehicles with trailer / caravan up to 3,500 kg: from DKK 1,500, depending on the percentage by which the speed limit has been exceeded.
  • At a speed of more than 140 km / h, the fine is additionally increased by at least DKK 1,000, depending on the speed driven.
  • From 60% (with trailer / caravan from 40%) exceeding the maximum speed or a speed of more than 160 km / h: in addition to a fine, also a disqualification of the driving license.
  • Exceeding the permitted maximum speed during road works: doubling of the fine.

Driving through a red light

  • From DKK 2,000.

Violation of overtaking ban

  • From DKK 2,000.

Crossing the solid line

  • From DKK 500.

Parking violation

  • From DKK 510.

Not giving way

  • From DKK 1,500.

Driving without a seat belt / child restraint

  • From DKK 1,500.

Traffic fine for using a cell phone while driving in Denmark

  • From DKK 500.

No lighting during the day

  • From DKK 500.

Traffic fines for driving under the influence of alcohol in Denmark

  • 0.5-1.2 ‰: income-related fine, depending on the permillage.
  • More than 2.0 ‰: one net monthly income and up to 20 days in prison.
  • Depending on the blood alcohol level, a driving disqualification can also be imposed from 3 to 10 years.