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Denmark Traffic Signs

Denmark Traffic Signs by Travel Information Europe
Most traffic signs in Denmark are (virtually) the same as traffic signs in many other EU countries. Here, in particular, Danish road signs are listed that may differ from those in your home country or differ from familiar road signs in terms of appearance or significance.

Traffic signs in Denmark

  • The traffic signs in Denmark hardly differ from those in other Western European countries.
  • A rectangular white sign with a black silhouette of a village or townscape and a place name indicates the start of the city limits area. The same sign with a slanting red line indicates the end of the city limits area.

Car and motorcycle

  • Signs for signage along motorways are green with white letters, signs along many motorways are blue with white letters and signs along other roads are white with red letters. Motorway exits are indicated on blue signs with white letters.
  • A square sign with a brown background depicting a white flower with a yellow heart indicates a tourist route.
  • A rectangular sign with a white background on which two red arrows merge into one arrow means that two lanes converge and that road users must alternately merge, ie zip.
  • A round white sign with a red border and a black arrow curving to the left (or right) with a diagonal red line through it means: No turn left (or right).
  • A rectangular white sign with a narrow red border, a black image of a car, a small blue field with a white P and a thick black line at the bottom followed by a narrower hatched line indicates that it is allowed to park a car on the pavement. If the same sign shows a thick black line followed by a slightly higher narrow black line, the sign indicates that it is allowed to partially park a car on the sidewalk.

Bicycle and moped

  • A round white sign with a red border and a red slash with a black image of a bicycle and a black P indicates a parking ban for bicycles.
  • Blue rectangular signs with a white vertical line ending in a red block indicating a dead end may contain small white images of a bicycle and / or pedestrians to indicate a continuous cycle or pedestrian path.
  • A rectangular white sign with a red border with a black image of a bicycle on it, an arrow pointing to the right and the text Undtaget (Exception), indicates that only cyclists are allowed to turn right at a red traffic light.
  • A rectangular white sign with a blue field on which a white bicycle and the text Cykelgade (Fietsstraat) are depicted with the black text Zone below it indicates a zone that is reserved for bicycles and mopeds. If other vehicles are allowed in the cycle street by means of signs, they are usually not allowed to go faster than 30 km / h and must take special account of cyclists and light-moped riders.
  • A round orange sign with a large white C is used to indicate a Supercykelsti (Super cycle path). This is a cycle path that crosses municipal boundaries and is specially designed for bicycle commuters.

Indications road signs Denmark

  • Cykelgade – Bicycle Street
  • Ensrettet – One-way street
  • Fartgrænse – Speed limit
  • Hold til højre  -Keep right
  • Højre – Right
  • Hovedvej – Highway
  • Indkørsel forbudt – No driving
  • Omvej – Detour
  • Parking forbudt – Parking prohibited
  • Se efter tog – Watch out for trains
  • Narrow vej – Narrow road
  • Undtaget – Exception
  • Venstre – Links
  • Vige Give – way