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Traffic report Denmark

Bypass most Danish traffic jams? Do not drive through Denmark at these times and keep up to date with the current traffic information.

Traffic information


  • Traffic information in foreign languages is not broadcasted in Denmark.
  • Traffic information via RDS / TMC is in your local language.


  • Traffic information: trafikkort.vejdirektoratet.dk (only in Danish).
  • Bridge over the Great Belt: storebaelt.dk.
  • Øresund connection: oeresundsbron.com. Including toll rates and current traffic information (both graphically and via webcams).
  • Ferry connections: denmark.net/denmark-guide/public-transportation/ferries.
  • Tourist information: visitdenmark.com.


Note: The information below applies under normal circumstances. However, most countries have introduced measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus. It is still unclear how this will affect traffic in Denmark. Before you travel, consult the current information.

Busy roads

  • 16 Copenhagen – Hillerød.
  • 21 Copenhagen – Roskilde.
  • 181 along the west coast of Jutland.
  • E20 Copenhagen – Kolding, south of Copenhagen and on Funen.
  • E45 Kolding – Århus, around Velje.
  • E47 Copenhagen – Helsingør.
  • M3 Ring Copenhagen.
  • In summer, roads to the ferry terminals Helsingør, or Rødby or Gedser.
  • Main roads Copenhagen, Århus, Alborg, Odense and Kolding.


  • Main roads Copenhagen, Århus, Alborg, Odense and Kolding.

Events and holidays

Count on extra traffic around important events and holidays:

  • Roskilde Festival, and around Roskilde: June 26 – July 3, 2021.
  • Langelandsfestival, roads towards Langeland: date unknown.
  • Skanderborg Festival, in and around Skanderborg: August 4-8, 2021.
  • More information: visitdenmark.com.

Peak hours

  • Especially in the summer period it is extra busy on the road on Friday afternoons.

Roads and routes

  • The best route is via Bremen – Hamburg.
  • For destinations in Jutland and Funen, follow Autobahn 7 from Hamburg in the direction of Kiel and Flensburg.

For Zealand (Copenhagen) choose one of these routes:

  • Odense – Great Belt Bridge (toll).
  • Lübeck (Autobahn 1) – Puttgarden – Rødby (ferry service).

New roads

  • Road 18
  • Herning Northwest – Herning North (10 km). Completed in 2020.
  • E47
  • Fehrmarn – Rødby, Fehrmarnbelttunnel (20km). Completion mid 2029. More information via https://femern.com/en/Tunnel/Facts-on-the-tunnel.

Road works

  • E20
  • Odense-Vest – Nørre Aby. Completion at the end of 2022.
  • Current information on road works can be found at traffikkort.vejdirektoratet.dk.

Driving ban trucks

  • In Denmark there is no driving ban for trucks on public holidays or weekends.

Roadside assistance

  • Safety first
  • Put your car aside as far as possible (preferably on the roadside).
  • Turn the wheels towards the verge.
  • Turn on your hazard lights (also make them flash after placing a warning triangle).Put on a safety vest and have your passengers put on a vest as well.
  • Get out of the car on the side where there is no traffic and let your passengers out on that side as well.
  • If necessary, place a warning triangle.
  • Stand behind the crash barrier or on the verge and wait for the roadside assistance service, with a view of the traffic.
  • Never cross the highway, that is dangerous!