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Greece Fuel Prices

Greece Fuel Prices
What are the names for different types of fuel in Greece? And what else do you need to know about fuels and fuel stations in Greece? Be well prepared for a holiday to Greece.

Current Fuel Prices in Greece

Petrol: € 1.60
Diesel: € 1.33
LPG: € 0.84

Fuel in Greece

Greece Fuel Prices – Gasoline


  • Euro 95 (Unleaded) is readily available.
  • Unleaded petrol with octane number 100 (Super plus 100) is readily available. Cars running on Superplus 98 can refuel this fuel without any problems.
  • In Greek, you pronounce unleaded petrol something like amoliwdi Wensini.

Greece Fuel Prices – Diesel


  • Diesel (Diesel / Petroleo / Gazoil) is readily available.

Greece Fuel Prices – Gas


  • LPG is available at approximately 1100 petrol stations. For an overview of LPG filling stations in Greece, visit
  • In order to be able to refuel LPG, a nipple (dish) is required for a LPG installation with a standard connection (bayonet).


  • Natural gas is very limited available. There are only 13 natural gas filling stations in Greece. For an up-to-date overview of all locations, visit or use the PitPoint app for IOS or Android to find natural gas filling stations.

Greece Fuel Prices – Electric cars

  • The number of charging points in Greece is very limited (approximately 100). About half of them are in Athens.
  • An up-to-date overview of the locations of charging points can be found on

Petrol stations in Greece

  • There are petrol stations in all towns and cities.
  • At many manned filling stations, motorists are served by service employees. You only have to indicate how many euros you want to refuel and the employee will take care of the rest. A tip for the service is appreciated.
  • Please note that the number of petrol stations along or near the E90 motorway between Igoumenitsa and Klidi (Thessaloniki) is very limited. It is recommended to always fill the tank completely on this route in the major cities along which this road passes (Igoumenitsa, Kavala, Komotini, Alexandroupolis).

Opening hours

  • The petrol stations along the main roads are generally open daily from 7am to 9pm or 10pm.
  • Many petrol stations are open 24 hours a day in and around the major cities and along the highways.

Paying at fuel stations in Greece

  • Cash can be paid at petrol stations.
  • Credit cards are accepted at many petrol stations.

Reserve fuel in Greece

  • It is forbidden to put fuel in a reserve tank, to top up a reserve tank at a petrol station and to take a reserve tank with fuel on ships.