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Greece Traffic Fines

Greece traffic fines

Greece fines

You obviously do not intend to, but what if you do violate the traffic rules in Greece? What about the fine?

Fines Greece

It can sometimes happen: you drive through red, you overtake where you are not allowed or you drive just a little too fast. An overview of the traffic fines in Greece.

Greece traffic fines – fine handling

  • Fines for simple traffic offenses are imposed by the police but may not be collected immediately.
  • When paying within 10 days, the fine will be reduced by 50%.
  • If payment is not made within 10 days, a lawsuit will follow.

Greece traffic fines – points driver’s license

  • Greece does not have a penalty point system for traffic offenses.

Greece traffic fines – deposit

  • Foreigners do not have to pay a deposit if the fine is not paid immediately.


  • The driver is liable for the traffic offenses committed by him.
  • If the identity of the driver is not known, the fine will be sent to the license plate holder.
  • The license plate holder must then make known the identity of the driver at the time of the offense within five days. If he does not do this, the license plate holder must pay the fine.


  • In the event of an arrest, for example after a traffic accident, the embassy can provide information about the case law and further course of events.

Greece traffic fines – fine indication

  • The amounts mentioned are indications and may in practice be higher or lower, depending on the circumstances under which the traffic violation was committed.

Speeding violation

  • Up to 20 km / h: € 100.
  • More than 50 km / h: € 350 (possibly a lawsuit) and disqualification from driving for 60 days.

Driving through a red light

  • € 700; if a lawsuit follows, the fine can be doubled.

Violation of overtaking ban

  • From € 350.

Crossing the solid line

  • From € 200 and possibly a 20-day driving disqualification.

Not giving way

  • From € 350.

Parking violation

  • From € 80.
  • The vehicle can be towed.

Driving without a seat belt

  • € 350,

Use cell phone while driving

  • € 100.

Driving under the influence

  • From 0.5 ‰: from € 200 and possibly a driving disqualification.

Not paying the toll

  • From € 100.

More information about traffic fines in Greece can be found on Wikipedia.