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Portugal Environmental Zones

Portugal Environmental Zones by Travel Information Europe

Environmental zones

What about environmental zones in Portugal, and in which cities do you need an environmental sticker? Below it is explained in detail!

Portugal Environmental zones

In Portugal, for the time being, only Lisbon has an environmental zone (Zona de Emissões Reduzidas, ZER).


  • In 2020, the two existing environmental zones in Lisbon have been merged and expanded. The new zone is called ZER ABC (Zona de Emissões Reduzidas da Avenida, Baixa, Chiado).
  • Only vehicles with a permissible maximum mass of not more than 7,500 kg that meet the Euro 4 emissions standard or higher (generally vehicles built after January 2005) are allowed to enter the zone.
  • The environmental measures apply daily between 06:30 and midnight, unless stated otherwise.
  • Old vehicles that meet Euro standard 4 or higher due to modifications (such as particulate filter, LPG) are also permitted.
  • The ZER is signposted. Signs indicate for which vehicles and at what times the rules apply or do not apply.