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Finland Being There

Finland Being There by Travel Information Europe

Facts and numbers

Official name

  • Republic of Finland / Suomen tasavalta


  • Fin (m), Finnish (f)

State form

  • Republic
  • Finland is divided into 19 regions.


  • Helsinki

European Union

  • Finland has been a member of the European Union since 1995.


  • Finnish, Swedish, Sami


  • 2019: 5.5 million


  • 338,144 kmĀ²

Income per inhabitant per year

  • 2018: $ 41,300 (NL: $ 50,200)

Average life expectancy

  • 2018: 81.7 years (NL: 82.1 years)


  • Euro (EUR)

Country code license plate

  • FIN


Medical care and safety

  • Health care in Finland is excellent.
  • Travelers are advised to take out good travel insurance. Please note that cash payment may be required for the provision of medical care.
  • In case of hospitalization or when specialist medical care is required, travelers should contact their insurance company directly.

European health insurance card (EHIC)

  • The European health insurance card or EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) entitles you to essential medical care in the event of illness or an accident during a temporary stay in Finland. If you show your EHIC, healthcare providers know that you are insured and where they can declare the healthcare costs. It is often not necessary to advance healthcare costs yourself.
  • The personal EHIC can usually be found on the back of your health insurer’s health card or in your health insurer’s app. Consult your health insurer’s website for more information about the EHIC.


  • Take plenty of special medicines with you (in the original packaging) or ask the doctor for a prescription.
  • It is advisable to bring your own travel pharmacy with regular medicines.

Medical statement

  • Travelers who bring medicines prescribed by a doctor or specialist may be required to carry a medical certificate. This applies in any case to medicines that fall under the Opium Act (such as certain sleeping pills, ADHD medicines and strong painkillers).
  • Request the statement in time.

Health advice


  • In the summer months, especially in July, travelers can be bothered by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are common in Northern Finland. In southern and central Finland, mosquitoes are mainly found in the immediate vicinity of the lakes. Good means to combat mosquitoes are available at pharmacies and drugstores.


  • Watch out for ticks when hiking or camping in the countryside, as they can transmit Lyme disease.
  • Tick-borne encephalitis may also occur in Finland. Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain caused by a virus that can be transmitted by ticks. From April to November the ticks are most active and the risk of contracting this disease is greatest.
  • Protect yourself against ticks!

Drinking water

  • The tap water is safe to drink.


  • Encephalitis (see Ticks) can rarely be transmitted through raw milk from cows, sheep or goats or products made from raw milk (such as some cheeses).



  • 230 volts

Adapter plug

  • Outlets have two round holes and can be grounded or ungrounded.
  • You do not need an adapter or world plug.