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Finland Fuel Prices

Finland Fuel Prices by Travel Information Europe
Check out the current fuel prices in Finland. You can refuel different types of fuel in Finland. Not all fuels are equally available.

Current Fuel Prices in Finland

Petrol: € 1.60
Diesel: € 1.48

Fuel in Finland



  • The Euro 95 offered at petrol stations in Finland contains 5% bioethanol (95 E5)
  • Lead-free Superplus 98 (98 E5) is readily available.
  • Premium leaded gasoline is no longer available. Petrol with lead substitutes is available, recognizable by the 99+ inscription and a black hose. This fuel is not suitable for vehicles with a catalytic converter.


  • E10, petrol with or 10% bioethanol, is also available in Finland (95 E10 / SP95 E10). Note: Before the trip, check whether your vehicle is suitable for driving on E10. For cars and motorcycles that cannot run on E10, we advise to fill up with fuel 98 E5.


  • E85 (Etanol) is a biofuel mix of 15% petrol and 85% bioethanol that is exclusively intended for special flexi-fuel cars.
  • Note: E85 is not suitable for regular petrol cars. If you accidentally fill up with E85, do not drive any further and have the fuel removed to prevent damage.
  • E85 is available at about 140 petrol stations. In the south of Finland, E85 is fairly readily available, but in the rest of the country only at a limited number of petrol stations.



  • Diesel (Diesel / Dieselöljy) is readily available.
  • It is forbidden for tourists to refuel duty-free diesel (Polttoöljy).



  • LPG is not known in Finland.


  • Natural gas (CNG) is only available to a limited extent. There are about 35 natural gas filling stations, mainly in the south of Finland. For an up-to-date overview of all locations, visit or use the PitPoint app for IOS or Android to find natural gas filling stations. See also for more information.


  • Finland has about 950 charging points (source:, most of which are located in the southern part of Finland, especially in the capital Helsinki. (For comparison: The Netherlands has about 37,000 charging points according to
  • For an up-to-date overview of the locations of charging points, look at,, and Search for charging points via, for example, the apps Chargemap (IOS and Android), Plugsurfing (IOS and Android) or The New Motion (IOS and Android).

Petrol stations

  • Fuel is readily available all over Finland, even in small towns, but especially in sparsely populated areas of northern Finland, such as Lapland, the distance between two petrol stations can be as much as 100 km. It is therefore recommended to refuel at any opportunity that arises.
  • Finland has more unmanned than manned petrol stations.

Opening hours

  • Most manned filling stations are open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 9 pm. Opening hours are more limited on weekends.
  • The petrol stations along the motorways are open longer and often offer a 24-hour service.


  • Cash can be paid at the cash desk at petrol stations.
  • At almost all petrol stations, bank cards (with Maestro or V Pay logo) and credit cards are also accepted at the checkout.

Tank dispensers

  • Self-service filling stations also often have filling machines that can be used after hours.
  • At filling machines you can usually pay with euro banknotes.
  • You can also pay with a bank card or a credit card (with pin code). However, keep in mind that sometimes foreign debit and credit cards are not accepted.

Reserve fuel

  • A maximum of 10 liters of fuel may be entered in a reserve tank.
  • On ferries it is usually forbidden to bring fuel in a reserve tank.