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Finland Traffic Signs

Finland Traffic Signs by Travel Information Europe

Road signs Finland

  • Apart from their color, the traffic signs in Finland hardly differ from those in most other countries.
  • Warning and prohibition signs have a yellow instead of white background, so that they are more visible when there is snow.
  • The round, yellow prohibition signs with a red border have a diagonal red stripe across the image, which is not the case in most other European countries.
  • If a ban is linked to certain hours, the hours are stated on a rectangular yellow plate with a red border. The hours can be indicated in black (for Mon to Fri), black in brackets (for Saturday) or red (for Sunday).
  • A rectangular yellow sign with a black silhouette of a village or townscape indicates the start of the built-up area. The same sign with a slanting red line indicates the end of the built-up area.

Car and motorcycle

  • The sign indicating a highway has a green instead of blue background.
  • The triangular sign with a red border that warns of traffic jams has a black background with a row of white cars on it.
  • A round yellow sign with a red border with a black arrow curving to the left (or right) and a red diagonal bar over it means: No turn left (or right).
  • A round yellow sign with a red border with a black image of a truck and below it the text 10 m and over it a red diagonal bar means: Closed to motor vehicles longer than 10 m.
  • A round yellow sign with a red border showing two cars with a number in between, indicates how many meters drivers must keep from their predecessor.
  • The well-known triangular warning signs with a red border can also be used in Finland to warn of crossing moose, reindeer or skiers.

Bicycle and pedestrian

  • In addition to the well-known round blue sign Cycle Path, there are also blue round signs that indicate a mandatory cycling / pedestrian path, with or without separate sections for cyclists and pedestrians.


  • A round blue sign with a picture of a snowmobile indicates a mandatory path for snowmobiles and other off-road vehicles.
  • A round yellow sign with a red border and an image of a snowmobile with a red line through it indicates that the road is closed to snowmobiles and other off-road vehicles.