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Paying in France

Paying in France, how about that? Are there ATMs in France just like in your home country? What is the price level in France, and how about giving tips in France after a nice dinner or drinks on a cozy terrace? On this page you will find everything about paying in France.



  • Euro (EUR)

Debit card and credit card

  • Cards (both bank debit cards and credit cards) are accepted virtually everywhere.
  • The toll on the toll roads can be paid by credit card, without a PIN code.
  • At some unmanned petrol stations foreign cards (both bank cards and credit cards) are not accepted.
  • Using a bank debit card is usually cheaper than using a credit card. If the bank or credit card company charges a fixed amount per transaction, frequent use of a card (both bank debit card and credit card) for small amounts is not recommended.
  • There is usually a limit per day; the limit can be adjusted on request at the bank or credit card company.


  • France has sufficient ATMs (GAB = automatic banking or DAB = distributor automatique de billets).
  • Up-to-date information about ATMs in a particular location can often be found at the website of the bank or credit card company
  • Withdrawing money is usually cheaper with a bank card than with a credit card.

Price level

  • Budget accommodation: from € 35.
  • Mid-stay: approximately € 95.
  • Simple meal: from € 10.
  • Dinner 3 courses: from € 22.
  • Taxi ride (about 3 km): from € 8.
  • Cup of coffee: from € 1,80.
  • Beer: from € 3,50.

The price level in, for example, the city centre of Paris and the hotspots at the cote d’Azure can (depending of the season) be (much) higher.


  • The 15% service compris or service fee is included in the hotel or restaurant bill.
  • It is customary to round up the amount in a restaurant or to leave a small change. Give a tip of 5% in more expensive restaurants.
  • A tip of 10% is customary for taxi drivers.