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    France toll: in France, tolls are levied on most motorways. This makes it useful to obtain information about rates and payment options in advance. We have listed all information about tolls in France.

    France toll rates

    For the current official rates and for the complete routes and categories, consult the toll calculator: autoroutes.fr/mobile/itineraires.htm (French) or autoroutes.fr/en/routes.htm (English).

    Toll prices France transit routes

    cat. 1cat. 2cat. 3cat. 5
    Lille - Nantes (A1-A3-A86-A4-A86-A10-A11)56,585,9129,934,4
    Lille - Paris - Bordeaux (A1-A3-A86-A4-A86-A10)74,5112,8127,745,8
    Lille - Paris - Bordeaux - Biriatou at Spanish border (A1-A3-A86-A4-A86-A10-A63)90,8137,1179,954,6
    Lille - Paris - Lyon (A1-A3-A86-A4-A86-A6)53,882126,332,5
    Lille - Reims - Lyon (A1-A26-A5-A31-A6)62,893,7144,736,7
    Lille - Paris - Vierzon (A1-A3-A86-A4-A86-A10-A71-A20)37,755,686,623
    Luxemburg - Toul - Lyon (A31-A6)33,751,782,620,2
    Mulhouse - Lyon (A36-A6)31,148,580,918,8
    Lyon - Le Perthus at Spanish border (A6-A7-A9)46,572,798,526,7
    Lyon - Nice (A6-A7-A8)44,670,295,827,3
    Lyon - Modane - Turin (A43-Fréjustunnel-Italian A32)88,1129,5260,860,4
    Vierzon - Brive-la-Gaillarde - Toulouse - Le Perthus at Spanish border (A20-62-A61-A9)39,260,48824,1
    Vierzon - Clermont-Ferrand - Béziers - Le Perthus at Spanish border (A71-A75-A9)41,863,110724,5

    Toll prices France individual routes

    RoadRoutecat. 1cat. 2cat. 3cat. 5
    A1Lille - Paris17,324,936,410,3
    Lille - Deniécourt A295,28,512,43,3
    A2Valenciennes - Paris14,922338,8
    A4Paris - Reims11,617,426,27,2
    Reims - Metz A3115,222,7359,5
    Metz A31 - Straatsburg1421,832,28
    A5Paris - Troyes A2610,616,526,46,4
    Troyes - Langres A319,214,121,95,6
    A6Paris - Nemours A772,84,26,51,5
    Paris - Beaune A31/A3622,935,756,613,9
    Beaune A31/A36 - Mâcon A405,99,515,33,6
    Paris - Lyon A736,557,189,821,9
    A7Lyon - Valence812,618,85,1
    Lyon - Orange A918,528,939,610,8
    Lyon - La Fare-les-Oliviers A82539,354,715,1
    Lyon - Marseille25,441,554,615,6
    A8La Fare-les-Oliviers A7 - Aix-en-Provence22,93,91,1
    Aix-en-Provence - Cannes15,92433,919,8
    Aix-en-Provence - Nice1928,841,311,7
    La Fare-les-Oliviers A7 - Menton at Italian border25,638,154,715,5
    A9Orange A7 - Montpellier8,813,719,15,4
    Montpellier - Narbonne8,713,419,75,1
    Narbonne - Le Perthus at Spanish border7,512,718,64,6
    A10Paris - Ponthévrard A111,73,94,61
    Paris - Orléans A7110,917276,7
    Paris - Orléans - Tours A8524,13760,314,7
    Tours A85 - Bordeaux33,150,97520,5
    Paris - Bordeaux57,287,9135,535,2
    A11Ponthévrard A10 - Le Mans A28/A8115,122,734,19,1
    Ponthévrard A10 - Nantes34,553,282,421
    A13Paris Porte d'Auteuil - Rouen A286,810,714,64,2
    Rouen A28 - Caen9,514,919,55,6
    A14Paris La Défense - Orgeval9,117,932,14,7
    A16 (A)Boulogne-sur-Mer - Abbeville A288,713,319,65,5
    Boulogne-sur-Mer - Amiens A2912,418,726,77,7
    Boulogne-sur-Mer - Paris22,633,947,613,9
    A19Sens A5 - Artenay A1022,533,455,611,2
    A20 (B)Brive-la-Gaillarde - Montauban A6214,222,132,78,7
    A26Calais - Lens811,716,54,5
    Lens - Reims14,621,931,98,6
    Reims - Troyes A510,515,525,75,9
    A28 (C)Abbeville A16 - Rouen A13 - Tours42,568,299,425,6
    A29Deniécourt A1 - Amiens34,56,51,9
    Deniécourt A1 - Saint-Quentin34,56,31,8
    Amiens - Pont de Normandie19,828,135,38,8
    A31 (D)Toul - Dijon A3114,923,135,98,9
    Toul - Beaune A6/A3620,331,750,912,2
    A36Mulhouse A35 - Dole A3914,422,837,38,7
    Mulhouse A35 - Beaune A6/A3119,530,248,911,8
    A39Dijon A31 - Dole3,45,181,9
    Dole - Viriat A409,515,123,96
    A40Mâcon A6 - Point-d'Ain A425,27,813,53,2
    Pont-d'Ain A42 - Annemasse (Genève)12,119,630,77,5
    Mâcon A6 - Annemasse (Genève)17,228,143,710,6
    Mâcon A6 - Passy (to Chamonix)23,539,461,614,3
    A41Genève (Switzerland A1) - Annecy8,2914,220,94,4
    Annecy - Chambéry5,18,211,92,5
    Chambéry - Grenoble6,29,314,53,1
    Genève (Switzerland A1) - Grenoble19,531,946,79,9
    A42Lyon - Pont-d'Ain A404,56,811,22,5
    A43Lyon - Chambéry12,219,428,85,8
    Chambéry - Modane (to Fréjustunnel)13,119,538,37,6
    A43/A430Chambéry - Albertville5,69,112,93
    A43/A48Lyon - Grenoble12,119,827,46,2
    A49Valence A7 - Grenoble10,616,322,84,8
    A50Aubagne A52 - Toulon A574,67,510,63
    A51Aix-en-Provence A8 - La Saulce (Gap)13,619,428,47,9
    A52Aix-en-Provence A8 - Aubagne A503,75,68,42,3
    A54Salon-de-Provence A7 - Arles N11323,451,2
    Arles N113 - Nîmes-Ouest A92,13,64,51,3
    A57Toulon A50 - Le Cannet-des-Maures4,56,79,72,7
    A61Toulouse - Narbonne-Sud14,32232,58
    A62Bordeaux - Toulouse20,532,447,312,6
    A62/A65Bordeaux - Pau22,837,355,613,6
    A63Bordeaux - Biriatou at Spanish border16,124,652,59,1
    A64Toulouse - Bayonne21,835,650,113,8
    A66Toulouse A61 - Pamiers5,78,7133,6
    A68Toulouse - Albi1,62,53,81,1
    A71Orléans A10 - Vierzon A85/A207,413,220,54,4
    Órléans A10 - Clermont-Ferrand A75/A8928,844,873,616,6
    A72/A89Saint-Étienne - Clermont-Ferrand10,717,125,16,3
    A75Clermont-Ferrand - Béziers A9(E)(E)(E)(E)
    A77Nemours A6 - Nevers10,816,124,66,8
    A79Montmarault A71 - Digoin(F)(F)(F)(F)
    A81Le Mans A11 - Rennes12,118,126,87,5
    A83Nantes - Niort A1011,51724,96,9
    A85Angers A11 - Tours A1011,116,223,96,7
    Tours A10 - Vierzon A71/A2011,818,329,47,4
    A88Falaise - Sées A287,613,420,54,2
    A89Bordeaux - Brive-la-Gaillarde A2018,728,74111,7
    Brive-la-Gaillarde - Clermont-Ferrand A71/A7513,521,530,78,4
    Clermont-Ferrand - Lyon A616,325,236,89,6

    Toll prices France for bridges and tunnels

    cat. 1cat. 2cat. 3cat. 5
    viaduc de Millau (15 june - 15 september)11.717.531.85.7
    viaduc de Millau (16 september - 14 june)9.514.231.85.7
    pont de Normandie5.66.57tolvrij
    pont de Tancarville2.63.34tolvrij
    pont de l'île de Ré (12 september - 19 juni)88183
    pont de l'île de Ré (20 june - 11 september)1616183
    tunnel de Puymorens (Pyrenees)7.214.824.14.3
    tunnel Maurice-Lemaire (Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines; Vosges)6.39.817.53.8
    tunnel Prado Carénage (Marseille)33n.v.t.3
    tunnel Prado Sud (Marseille)2.42.4n.v.t.2.4
    tunnel du Somport (to Spain)tolvrij

    France toll – tariff classes in France

    • France uses tariff classes for calculating tolls on French motorways. A normal passenger car falls in class 1, a car with behind it a caravan in class 2. See below exactly how the tariff classes are, so you can calculate the toll costs for your trip to France.
    • Most motorways in France are toll roads.
    • There are also some toll bridges and toll tunnels.
    • The categories used in France are valid on all toll roads.

    France toll categories

    Detailed information about the categories can be found on autoroutes.fr/fr/classification-des-vehicules.htm

    Category 1: cars, vans, motorhomes or vans without and with trailer where the highest point of the vehicle or combination is a maximum of 2 meters, measured from the ground (antenna, ski box, roof box or roof rack with bicycles, surf boards or boat not included).

    Category 2: cars, vans, motorhomes or vans without and with trailer where the highest point of the vehicle or combination is more than 2 meters, but no more than 3 meters, measured from the ground (antenna, ski box, roof box or roof rack with bicycles, surf boards or boat not included).

    Category 3: motorhomes, buses and commercial vehicles on 2 axles with a height of more than 3 meters or a maximum permitted mass (to be found on the registration certificate) of more than 3500 kg.

    Category 4: vehicles on 3 axles or more, with a height of more than 3 meters or with a permitted maximum mass (to be found on the registration certificate) of more than 3500 kg; vehicle combinations with a height of more than 3 meters; vehicle combinations of which the towing vehicle has a maximum authorized mass of more than 3500 kg.

    Category 5: Engines and trikes (also with sidecar or trailer).

    France toll – disabled people

    • Cars or vans that belong to category 2, but that have been demonstrably adjusted and fitted out by means of a registration on a license plate or driving license for disabled persons are counted under category 1.
    • The vehicle should preferably be clearly visible from a disabled parking card or wheelchair sticker.
    • A European disability card must be shown.
    • At the toll booths registration with the required papers is possible at the manned toll booths. With automatic toll gates, assistance can be requested via the information button. To prevent discussion at the tollbooth it can be useful to bring a print with the information for disabled people. A PDF for this is available on autoroutes.fr/fr/classification-des-vehicules.htm (click on ‘Télécharger le dépliant détaillé’).
    • Campers with a maximum permitted mass of more than 3500 kg are always included in category 3.

    France toll – roof boxes

    • Accessories such as a roof box or roof rack do not affect the calculation of the total height and the tariff. This is also the case with automatic toll gates.
    • Should the wrong tariff be calculated, it is possible to enable assistance via the intercom at the ticket machine. In the event of the recovery of any amount that may have been overpaid, the relevant toll company can also be contacted (also afterwards). The contact details are on the ticket. It is important to send the ticket as proof to the toll company.

    France toll – how to pay toll in France

    • You can pay cash in a vending machine at most toll booths. With some vending machines it is possible to throw coins in a basket. Note the blue coins with coins on it, cash payment is possible here. Note: some toll companies only accept coins from 10 cents and banknotes up to € 20.
    • At gates where both an orange ‘t’ and a green arrow are indicated, everyone can go.
    • Manned toll gates are becoming less common, but if something goes wrong, you can always ask for help via a button.
    • With a credit card (PIN is not required) can be paid at all gates, except those exclusively for télépéage (indicated with only an orange ‘t’). Accepted include Visa and Mastercard. To be sure, take cash in case a credit card does not work.
    • Paying with a prepaid credit card (carte de crédit prépayée) is not possible.
    • On a (still) very limited number of journeys can only be paid at the vending machines by credit card or via télépéage, so not cash or with a bank card. This is the case, for example, on a stretch of the A63 from Irun to Bordeaux. Should this lead to problems because, for example, only cash is at hand, then assistance can be requested via the intercom.
    • There are plans to switch to electronic toll payment without toll gates in order to promote the flow. Further information is not yet known.
    • Please note: In practice, the category classification of campers sometimes goes wrong with automatic toll gates. Therefore choose a manned tollbooth wherever possible. If not present, it is possible to check the amount and category at the gate and, if necessary, call someone via the intercom if it is not correct.

    France toll – badge Télépéage

    • With an electronic box (badge télépéage) in the car you can automatically pay toll in France. You can use this toll badge by the special télépéage gates (Liber-t), with which you can save long waiting times in high season.
    • There are two different toll badges available: 1. Tolbadge France, Spain, Portugal and 2. Tolbadge France, Spain, Portugal, Italy.
    • With the toll badge you can also pay at several hundred parking lots and parking garages in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.
    • Often, the toll gates reserved for Liber-t only pass vehicles (with trailers or caravans) that do not exceed two meters. The newest Liber-t gates recognize higher vehicles and trailers.

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