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Climate and weather in France

  • The size of France and the large geographical differences ensure that there are various climates.
  • The western half has a maritime climate that is comparable with the climate in for example the Netherlands.
  • Along the Atlantic coast the summers are not too hot and the winters mild.
  • The average temperatures gradually rise in the south and inland. The sun shows itself frequently, but the weather is not stable; precipitation and strong winds occur throughout the year.
  • The eastern half has more a continental climate. This gives snow, especially in winter.
  • The southeast has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and sunny with occasional thunderstorms. The winters are soft and wet.
  • In the southeast, the mistral that blows southward through the Rhône valley and along the coasts of Provence regularly blows. This wind usually blows for a day or four in a row. The mistral is a cold wind (pleasantly refreshing in the summer but frosty in the other months) and creates beautiful blue skies

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