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Germany Traffic Signs

Germany Traffic Signs by Travel Information Europe
  • Most traffic signs in Germany are (virtually) the same as traffic signs in many other EU countries.
  • Signs indicating or depicting a specific vehicle with the text Frei below it indicate that these vehicles are permitted.
  • A rectangular yellow sign with a black place name indicates the beginning of the built-up area. The same sign with an oblique red line indicates the end of the built-up area.

Car and motorcycle

  • A ban is indicated with a round white sign with a red border and an inverted black U where, a red line runs through.
  • A rounded white sign with a red border and two cars with a number between them indicates how many meters away drivers must keep to their predecessor.
  • A yellow round sign with a green border and the letter H is a bus or tram stop.
  • If a sign with a green arrow is present at a traffic light, drivers may turn right in red light, provided they give correct priority.
  • For a diversion a yellow rectangular sign with the text Umleitung is used. On the motorway, detours are indicated with a blue rectangular sign with a white arrow pointing up and the letter U.
  • A white rectangular sign with a black border and an orange arrow indicates a recommended route on motorways. The same board with three diagonal black stripes indicates the end of a recommended route.
  • The sign with the text Umweltzone (Environmental Zone) indicates a zone where only cars with an environmental sticker can enter.
  • A green triangular sign with an eagle and the text Landschaftsschutzgebiet or Naturschutzgebiet (Protected Area) indicates that the area may not be parked along the road or outside the designated parking places.
  • A round blue sign with a band with a snow chain means that snow chains are mandatory.
  • A round blue sign with a white number on it (for example 30) indicates the minimum speed.
  • A rounded black board with a white border and a black and white composite geometric shape in the middle has no meaning for drivers, but serves as a landmark for automated cars (cars that take over driver’s driving tasks) with which these cars can determine exactly where they are. are located.


Indications on traffic signs for engines also apply to mopeds.

Caravan and trailer

A white sign with a car with caravan and the text Schleudergefahr (Slinger Hazard) indicates a dangerous road for cars with a caravan behind them.

Bike and pedestrian

In addition to the familiar round blue sign Bicycle Path, there are also similar signs that indicate a bicycle / footpath, with or without separate sections for cyclists and pedestrians.

As a rectangular blue sign with a horizontal white bar with a short red bar indicating a dead end, at the top has a white field with black images of a bicycle and a pedestrian, the road does not die for cyclists and pedestrians.