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Greece Environmental Zones

Greece Environmental Zones

Environmental zones

What about environmental zones in Greece, and in which cities do you need an environmental sticker? Below it is explained in detail!

Greece Environmental zones

Before you go to Greece, check if there are environmental zones and you will not be faced with surprises.



  • In order to reduce air pollution, in the center of Athens (the so-called ‘dactylius’, the Ring of Athens, Δακτολιος Αθηνών) on even days, only vehicles with the last number in the registration number being even, and on odd days only with vehicles with an odd number.
  • The rule applies on working days (Mon-Thu from 7 am-8pm, Fri from 7 am-3pm) and applies to cars with a Greek registration number. Cars with a foreign registration number and Greek rental cars are exempt from the rule for the first forty days.
  • Cars may remain parked on consecutive days, but the prohibition must be taken into account when moving the car.
  • In the event of a smog alarm, the dactylius can be enlarged and completely closed to cars. This measure is announced in advance in the media and also applies to foreign cars.
  • The dactylius is indicated by signs (blue with in the middle the red-framed yellow area with a delta Δ in it).

More information about environmental issues in Greece can be found on Wikipedia.