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Italy Checklist Car by Travel Information Europe

Within the European Union different traffic regulations may apply in every country. What is mandatory to take with you in the car in Italy?

Checklist car Italy

Warning triangle

  • It is mandatory to have a warning triangle in the car. In the event of a breakdown or an accident, the use of a warning triangle at night or in the event of poor visibility outside the city area is mandatory (even if the hazard warning lights are switched on).
  • The use of a warning triangle is also mandatory if the vehicle is stopped in a bend or on a hill during the daytime due to a car breakdown or an accident outside the city area. The warning triangle must be placed behind the vehicle at a distance of approximately 100 m on highways and like, and on other roads approximately 50 m behind the vehicle.

Safety vest

  • Both the driver and the passengers are required to wear a safety vest as soon as they step out of a vehicle that is outside the city area in the dark or in the event of a breakdown or accident on the road.
  • Safety vests must comply with the EN471 standard (fluorescent yellow, orange or red and with retro-reflective lanes) within Europe.

Rental car

  • When renting a car always check that the mandatory equipment (warning triangle) is present and provides safety vests for all occupants.
  • San Marino requires the same safety equipment as in Italy. Also check which items are mandatory in other countries you are traveling through on you way to Italy

Mandatory on the motorbike

  • For motorcyclists it is not mandatory to bring a warning triangle or wear a safety vest in the event of breakdown or an accident. However, we recommend motorcyclists to bring a safety vest.
  • Spare glasses: the inclusion of a spare glasses in Italy is not mandatory, but we recommend drivers with a driver’s license stating that they wear glasses or contact lenses (limitation code 01), to take spare glasses, just in case you will be having discussions with the police.

Countries you pass through on your way to Italy

  • The route to Italy flows via other countries. These countries may impose additional requirements on what you are obliged to take with you in the car. Therefore, also check the requirements for the countries you are traveling through on your way to Italy.