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Italy Environmental Zones

Italy Environmental Zones by Travel Information Europe

Environmental zones apply a number of Italian cities and on a number of Italian islands. Some areas are inaccessible in certain periods and for other areas, such as Milan, you need an environmental sticker.

Environmental zones Italy

ZTL: zona a traffico limitato

  • To combat air pollution, many Italian cities have set up an environmental zone called the Zona a Traffico Limitato (ZTL).
  • The rules for these environmental zones are complex, they differ per city and the fines for violations are high. Motorcycles and mopeds are exempted in some places, but not in others.
  • Those who do not necessarily have to be within the zone can better park outside the zone and enter the zone in a different way, for instance on foot, by public transport or by taxi.
  • In the environmental zones traffic is allowed at limited times and / or only with a special exemption.
  • In most cities the ZTL extends over the center and the historic city center.
  • The zones are indicated by a prohibition sign with the inscription zona traffico limitato. Control usually takes place by means of video cameras.
  • Cities with environmental zones include Rome, Arezzo, Bologna, Bolzano, Bressanone (Brixen), Florence, Milan, Palermo, Pisa, and Verona.
  • If the ban only applies during certain times, this is indicated on the traffic sign.
  • A traffic sign at the bottom indicates for whom the closure does not apply.
  • Be aware: do not accidentally drive into a zone when driving behind a permit holder.

Temporary license

  • Tourists can get a temporary permit in some places to load and unload baggage on arrival and departure.
  • The owner of the accommodation provides the permit and provides the necessary information. Contact the owner in advance, pass on the vehicle details (license plate, make, model) and ask if the vehicle is allowed to remain on a private parking space belonging to the accommodation.
  • Put the temporary permit clearly visible behind the windscreen.

Disabled people

  • The environmental zones are generally accessible to disabled people. The rules differ per place.
  • Owners of a disabled parking card must register their registration number in many places in advance.
  • Inquire with the owner of the accommodation. Do this in time, preferably before departure.
  • Consult accessibilitacentristorici.it and view the procedure for each item under the Accesso disabili or Disabled access option. Please note: the free telephone numbers (numero verde) are usually not available using a non-Italian landline or mobile phone.
  • In any case, place the disabled parking card clearly visible behind the windscreen.


  • Violations of the environmental rules are subject to high fines.
  • The fine is usually collected by European Municipality Outsourcing (EMO), a division of Nivi Credit. This debt collection agency works on behalf of the Italian government. It can also happen that a fine is sent by the local government. It can sometimes take months before the fine falls on the mat. You can pay via emo.nivi.it.

Environmental zone Rome

In Rome, the ZTL stretches over the historic center and some neighboring neighborhoods. Information: romamobilita.it (Italian and English).

Environmental zone Arezzo

In Arezzo there is a general driving ban for the entire historical center. Information: comune.arezzo.it/il-comune/polizia-municipale/come-fare-per/permesso-provvisorio-ztl (Italian).

Environmental zone Bologna

In Bologna motorists must purchase an environmental ticket (ticket per l’accesso) to be allowed to drive between 7.00 and 20.00 hours in the traffic-calmed part of the inner city. A ticket costs € 6 for a day and € 15 for four consecutive days. Owners of vehicles with a foreign registration number can apply for and activate the zone by telephone at the TPER (Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia-Romagna), tel. +39 051 290 290. Information: comune.bologna.it/trasporti/servizi/2:3023 (Italian).

Environmental zone Bolzano

In the inner cities of Bolzano, Bressanone (Brixen), Brunico, Merano and some other cities in South Tyrol, a ZTL applies at certain times. Information: provinz.bz.it/guteluft (German, Italian).

Environmental zone Florence

In Florence a ZTL applies at certain times throughout the historic city center. Information: en.comune.firenze.it/administration/mobility/florence_by_car.html (English, Italian).

Environmental zone Milan

The historic center of Milan is only accessible for vehicles with a vignette from Monday to Friday between 7:30 and 19:30. During these hours, a € 5 access card must be purchased for the so-called Area C. The card is valid for one day. Multi-day tickets are for sale for € 30 and € 60. Tickets are available at tobacco stores, kiosks and a number of chain stores. Information: comune.milano.it/wps/portal/ist/en/area_c (English, French, Italian, Spanish).

Environmental zone Palermo

In Palermo, a ticket must be purchased for access to the ZTL in a part of the city center (depending on the emissions € 2.50 or € 5 per day). The admission ticket is only available for cars that meet certain environmental requirements. Motors and electric cars are exempt. Information: palermoviva.it/palermo-ztl-le-zone-a-traffico-limitato (Italian).

Environmental zone Pisa

In Pisa, an exemption is required for driving in the city center. Information: comune.pisa.it/it/ufficio-scheda/7620/Zona-a-Traffico-Limitato.html (Italian, concise in English, French, Spanish).

Environmental zone Verona

In Verona a driving ban applies at certain times throughout the historic center. Information: cittadiverona.it/guide/zona-traffico-limitato-verona.php.

Environmental zones Italian Islands: Capri, Ischia, Ponza and Procida

On a number of small Italian islands, motor vehicles from non-residents are not allowed during the summer months. For example, this applies to Capri, Ischia, Ponza and Procida.

Other information

Information about the various environmental zones and other traffic-restricting measures: accessibilitacentristorici.it.