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In Italy, tolls are levied on most motorways. This makes it useful to obtain information about rates and payment options in advance. We have listed all information about tolls in Italy.

Italy Toll

Almost all motorways in Italy are toll roads.

Rate classes

  • Class A: engines and dual-axle vehicles with a height measured from the bottom of the front wheel less than 1.30 m (this includes most passenger cars)
  • Class B: dual-axle vehicles whose height measured from the bottom of the right front wheel exceeds 1.30 m.
  • Class 3: vehicles or combinations with a total of three axles (for example, a class A or B vehicle with trailer or caravan).
  • Class 4: vehicles or combinations with a total of four axles (for example, a class A or B vehicle with two-axle caravan).
  • Class 5: vehicles or combinations with a total of five or more axles.

For more information and images of the classes see autostrade.it/en/il-pedaggio/le-classi-di-pedaggio.


  • You can pay in cash at all manned toll booths.
  • The well-known credit cards are accepted. In Italy these are usually referred to as Cartasi: choose the toll booths with the inscription Carte.
  • You can also pay with your bank card at many toll stations in Italy, without entering the pin code. This is usually recognizable by signs with the Maestrologo. The possibility to pay in this way can, however, vary greatly per toll company. It is therefore advisable to always have cash or a credit card with you.
  • For failed payments, maps and questions about the toll roads, service centers are available along the autostrada marked Punto Blu (blue dot).


  • The Viacard is a magnetic card that can be used to pay for Italian toll roads. You can use it at special payment gates, where it is often faster than at the other toll gates.
  • Viacards can be purchased at service stations along the autostrada and at the tobacconists for € 25, € 50 and € 75.
  • When paying at a toll station, the amount to be paid is deducted from the card. If the amount on the card is exceeded, the remainder can be paid in cash or with a possible second Viacard.
  • The card counts as cash and is not reimbursed in the event of loss.

Pedemontana electronic toll

  • In Northern Italy, electronic toll has been introduced on the so-called Pedemontana Lombarda, called free flow. It concerns the ring roads A36 north of Milan, the A60 south of Varese and the A59 near Como.
  • There are no toll booths on these routes, but cameras that register the license plates of vehicles.
  • Within 15 days after using these roads you must register via apl.pedemontana.com/registration. Enter your license plate number (without the dashes), you can pay by credit card. It sometimes happens that the payment or registration fails, please contact the toll road company via pedaggi@pedemontana.com.
  • Payment by cash or credit card is possible at a number of service points, see locations and opening times at apl.pedemontana.com/le-modalita-di-pagamento.
  • The amount to be paid can be found at apl.pedemontana.com/calcola-il-pedaggio. Here you can calculate the rate by specifying the start and end points of the trip.
  • For mobile phones (Android and iOS) an app is available under the name APL Free Flow. This allows you to register and then pay. The app is in Italian.
  • More information: apl.pedemontana.com and pedemontana.com.

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