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Italy Traffic Signs

Italy Traffic Signs by Travel Information Europe

Most traffic signs in Italy are (virtually) the same as traffic signs in many other EU countries. Here, in particular, Italian road signs are listed that may differ from those in your home country or differ from familiar road signs in terms of appearance or significance.

Traffic signs in Italy

  • Traffic signs in Italy hardly differ from those in many other European countries.
  • Brown signs with white letters are signposts for tourist sights and attractions.
  • A rectangular white sign with a black place name indicates the beginning of the city area. The same sign with an oblique red line indicates the end of the built-up area.

Car and motorcycle

  • Signposts along motorways are green with white letters and those along motorways blue with white letters.
  • Please note: a white rectangular sign with a red rounded prohibition sign on it and the text Zona traffico limitato, which occurs in many Italian cities, indicates a curfew. Only cars with an exemption may enter this zone.
  • The warning sign for traffic jams is a triangular white sign with a red border and an exclamation mark (special hazard) with a white bottom sign showing two rows of cars.
  • A round blue sign with a car tire with a snow chain means that snow chains are mandatory.
  • A ban is indicated with a round white sign with a red border and an inverted black U where a red line runs through.
  • A rounded white sign with a red border and a black arrow pointing to the left or right with a diagonal red line through it means: Forbid left (or right).
  • A blue round sign with a white number on it (for example 30) indicates the minimum speed. A recommended speed is indicated with a square blue sign with a white number.
  • A rounded white sign with a red border and two cars with a number between them indicates how many meters away drivers must keep to their predecessor.
  • A black dot surrounded by three black rings on a signpost means center.
  • A square blue sign with a white cyclist warns of a crossing with a bike path.
  • A red border around white sign with a black P and a red slash through it indicates a parking ban.

Bike and pedestrian

  • A footpath with a cycle path next to it is indicated by a round blue sign with a pedestrian in white and a bicycle separated by a vertical line.
  • A path that is meant for both cyclists and pedestrians is indicated by a round blue sign with a pedestrian in white and a bicycle beneath it.

Traffic indications

Italian / English
Alt / Stop
Alt polizia / Stop for the police (roadblock)
Alt stazione / Stop and pay toll
Aperto / Open
Area perdonale / Pedestrian area
Area successiva / Next parking / gas station / roadside restaurant
Attenzione / Beware, careful
Chluso Closed
Destra / Right
Deviazione / Diversion, redirection
Dogana / Customs
Fino a / Tot
Nebbia / Mist
No autostop / Forbidden to stop
Ospedale / Hospital
Rallentare / Slower driving
Sinistra / Left
Strada ghiacciata / Icy road
Strada sdrucciolevole / Slip hazard
Tornante, dornance / Dangerous turns
Veicoli lenti / Strip for slow traffic
Visibilità inferiore / Poor visiblity
Zona traffico limitato / Forbidden to drive (except with exemption)