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    • ISO Radio at 103.3 FM.
    • RTL Via Radio at 102.5 FM.
    • The FM frequencies are on signs along the motorways.


    • The website autostrade.it provides information in English about the road network, toll roads and road works (Italian only),
    • On cciss.it and aci.it, information is only available in Italian.

    Traffic information Italy

    Busy roads

    • A1 Milan – Florence – Rome. Bottlenecks at Modena and Florence.
    • A4 Milan – Trieste. Bottlenecks at Milan and Venice
    • A10 French border – Genoa.
    • A14 Bologna – Ancona. Bottlenecks at Bologna and Rimini.
    • A22 Brenner Pass – Verona. Bottleneck between Trento and Verona.
    • Roads around Milan.
    • Roads around Genoa.
    • Roads around the big lakes in the north.

    Busy border crossings Italy

    With France:

    • Fréjus tunnel.
    • Mont Blanctunnel.

    With Austria:

    • Brenner Pass.
    • Tarvisio.

    With Slovenia:

    • Trieste.

    With Switzerland:

    • Chiasso.

    Busy days


    • 25 April (Liberation Day).
    • May 1 (Labor day).
    • June 2 (day of the Republic).
    • August 15 (Assumption of the Virgin Mary).

    Peak hours

    • In the summer period it is extra busy on Friday afternoon and Saturday. On Sundays it is busier on the roads towards the big cities.


    Italian roads and routes, new roads, and road works

    • The shortest route to Central and Southern Italy from the North is via Basel – St. Gotthard Tunnel – Milan.
    • The shortest route to Northeast Italy from the North, including Lake Garda and Venice, runs via Innsbruck – Brenner Pass.
    • Via France the route runs via the Mont Blanc tunnel and the Fréjus tunnel.

    New roads

    • A4: San Giovanni – Milan viale Certosa (9 km). Completion mid 2022.
    • San Giorgio di Nogara – Palmanova (west of Udiné). Delivered July 2021.
    • Portogruaro – Alvisopoli (east of Venice). Completion end of 2022.
    • A18: Rosolini – Ispica (10km). Delivered August 2021.
    • Ispica – Modica (10km). Completion end of 2022.
    • A33: Asti (A21) – Isola d’Asti (9 km). Delivery date (2025) uncertain.
    • Guarene – Enel Dam (near Cherasco) (16 km). Delivery date (2025) uncertain.
    • A36: Lentate sul Seveso – Cesano Maderno (9 km). Delivery date (2026) uncertain.
    • Cesano Maderno – Carnate-Bellusco (A51) (17 km). Delivery date (2026) uncertain.
    • Carnate-Bellusco (A51) – Osio Sotto (A4) (19 km). Delivery date (2026) uncertain.

    Tunnels Italy

    Driving ban trucks

    • In Italy a driving ban applies to lorries at the following times and days:
      • In the summer months (from June to September) every Sunday from 7 to 22 hours and also on certain Saturdays.
      • Outside the summer months on every Sunday from 9 am to 10 pm.
      • On holidays and special days with a lot of traffic.

    Road network

    • The road network in Italy is of a reasonably good quality.
    • All highways (highway, A) in the north mainly run from west to east and those in the middle and south from orth to south.
    • Besides this network of toll roads there is a large number of strade nazionali (N) and strade statali (SS) with two or four lanes and a good road surface.
    • Towards south, the quality of the roads decreases. Also in Sardinia the quality is lagging behind that on the mainland.
    • Really bad and unpaved roads can only be found in rural areas outside the major traffic flows.

    Breakdown assistance in Italy

    Safety first

    • Stop in a safe place – If possible, stop to the right in the roadside or on the emergency lane as far as possible (make sure there is enough space to turn right). Turn your front wheels towards the verge or crash barrier.
    • Turn on your hazard lights – Have the warning lights on your car flash and also have it on after you have placed a warning triangle.
    • Put on a safety vest – Both the driver and the passengers are required to wear a safety vest as soon as they step out of a vehicle that is outside the built-up area in the dark or in the event of a breakdown or accident on the road.
    • Get out of the car – Carefully get out, and also get all passengers off, on the side where no traffic is driving and find a safe place behind the crash barrier or on the roadside. Never cross a motorway.
    • If necessary, place a warning triangle – You are only obliged to place a warning triangle behind your car if your car outside the built-up area comes to a standstill due to breakdown or an accident and can not be noticed in time by the other traffic because it is dark, the view is bad or because the car has stopped in a bend or on a hill. The warning triangle must be placed on the car (fast) road about 100 m and on other roads about 50 m behind the car.

    Car breakdown

    • In the event of a breakdown in Italy, call the the local roadside assistance.
    • Note: Call the emergency number 112 or the police at number 113 in the event of an acute danger or if the car is in a dangerous location with a breakdown.


    • Be aware: on motorways and major roads, towing is prohibited, except by a towing service. There are high fines for violations.
    • Towing on other roads is allowed.
    • The tow rope or bar must be made more visible by attaching a colored flag or cloth in the middle.
    • During towing, the warning lights of the towed vehicle must light up and a warning triangle or red-white warning sign must be attached to the towed vehicle.


    • Call the emergency number 112 or call the required emergency service immediately – In the case of an accident in which people have been injured, several vehicles are involved or the road is blocked, you are obliged to call or call an emergency service. In the event of an accident that has only led to vehicle damage, you are also obliged to stop, but the people involved in the accident can deal with the situation themselves. Be aware: foreigners are advised never to sign a form without understanding the contents and always to call the police in the event of a collision.
    • Note: If you call 112, you may get someone on the line who only speaks Italian, which can make it difficult to clarify which help you need. In case of emergency, you may therefore better call the required emergency service directly:
      • Police: 113.
      • Fire brigade: 115.
      • Ambulance: 118.
    • Do not leave the scene of the accident – You are obliged to stay at the scene of an accident until the emergency services have arrived and until you have exchanged your data with the other parties involved.
    • Providing first aid – In an accident where you have been injured, you are obliged to provide assistance to persons who are injured to the extent that you are capable of doing so and can do so without endangering yourself or others.
    • Exchange information – The drivers involved in the accident are obliged to exchange their personal data and insurance details.


    • You are also obliged in Italy to stop and provide assistance if you have hit a pet or if a pet has been injured by you.

    Here you will find more information about Italy.

    Traffic in the winter

    Busy roads Italy

    • A22 Brenner – Bolzano.
    • Border crossings Brenner and Chiasso.
    • Access routes to the popular winter sports resorts.

    Busy border crossings

    • With France: Fréjus and Mont Blanctunnel
    • With Switzerland: Chiasso
    • With Austria: Brennero and Tarvisio

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