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Weather Italy

The ‘boot’ of Italy, the Ligurian coast, Sardinia and Sicily have a Mediterranean climate. The hot summers have many hours of sunshine. Only now and then there is a thunderstorm, mainly in the mountains. Winter and autumn are mild. A lot of rain falls. In northern Italy, the summers are also hot, but the weather is more unstable with a lot of thunderstorms especially at the foot of the Alps. The winters are quite cold with rain, snow and, especially in the Po Valley, often fog. The Italian Riviera (Liguria) is a bit milder in the winter.

Travel season Italy

Those who come for the beach and the sea are best placed in the summer months (May to September). Outside this high season, the seaside resorts in particular can sometimes be uncomfortably quiet. Many Italians go on holiday in August. Shops and restaurants may therefore be closed in some villages and towns. Those who go for culture would do well to avoid the cities in the summer. Cities such as Rome, Florence and Naples are then uncomfortably hot. A visit in the spring and autumn is a better idea. Winter is suitable for winter sports in the northern regions (Italian Alps and Dolomites).

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