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    Netherlands customs

    Do you know what you can take with you to and from the Netherlands? Below you will find the Netherland customs rules for the import and export of, among other things, food and pets.

    Various custom rules for The Netherlands


    Import from an EU country

    • Food, fruit and flowers may be imported without restrictions, provided they are intended for personal use.

    Import from a non-EU country

    • A limited amount of food may be freely imported for 1 to 2 days.
    • Animal products may not be imported, with the exception of products originating from Andorra, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland. These may be imported to a limited extent if they come from the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland, provided they are intended for their own use.

    Other goods

    Import from an EU country

    • Other goods, including gifts and souvenirs, may be imported without restrictions, provided they are intended for personal use.

    Import from a non-EU country

    • Other goods, including gifts and souvenirs, may be freely imported up to a value of € 430 when entering the country via an airport or seaport, persons under 15 years of age up to € 175 and other travelers up to a value of € 300.


    • If you use medication, take a European Medical Passport with you. This document includes information such as medication use, illness, conditions and the contact details of your doctor. It is available for a small fee from general practitioners and pharmacies, among others.

    Medical statement

    • To take medicines that fall under the Opium Act (such as certain sleeping aids, ADD medicines and strong painkillers), you must have a so-called Schengen statement (legalized medical statement) with you for these medicines.
    • Traveling with these medicines without a statement is punishable.
    • On hetcak.nl you can read which medicines fall under the Opium Act and how the certificate can be requested.
      The statement is valid for 30 days after the specified effective date.
    • Request the statement at least 4 weeks before departure.


    • Every country has rules for the import of pets. On licg.nl you can find extensive information about pets on holiday.


    • You may take a maximum of 10 liters of reserve fuel with you in a jerry can, free of duty. This applies to any type of motor vehicle.

    Netherlands Customs Pets

    • The Netherlands is an animal-friendly country, but there are strict rules, partly because many people have a dog.
    • Dogs are not allowed in many guesthouses, holiday homes, hotels and restaurants. A dog is also not welcome at many campsites and in a number of amusement parks and zoos. It is advisable to inquire in advance at the establishment or park which rules apply in this area.
    • Free-running areas, but also areas that are prohibited for dogs, are clearly indicated.
    • There are strict guidelines for dog access to beaches. During peak season in particular, dogs are not allowed on every beach and at all times or must be kept on a leash. The local tourist office can inform you about this. A lot of information can also be found on the internet.

    Identification at the customs office

    • A dog or cat needs an EU pet passport, available from the vet. This passport contains a description of the animal, the name and address of the owner, the registration number of the chip (standard ISO microchip 11784/11785 is inserted) and proof of vaccination against rabies. There is also room in the passport for a health certificate and other treatments or vaccinations.


    • Dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies (rabies vaccination) at least 21 days before the trip. The period of validity depends on the guidelines of the vaccine manufacturer (1-3 years).
    • Please note: the chip must be inserted before the vaccination against rabies (on the same day).
    • No mandatory additional treatments are required at the Netherlands customs.
    • Dogs and cats do not have to be quarantined in the Netherlands.
    • The Netherlands is not a risk area, but a dog or cat can still get sick during the holiday as a result of tick or insect bites. There are sufficient preventive measures. To do this, contact the vet at least 4 weeks before departure.

    Forbidden dogs

    • In the Netherlands there is no ban for certain dog breeds.

    Pets and transport

    • Dogs are allowed everywhere on public transport in the Netherlands. Depending on the means of transport and the mode of transport, a dog travels for free or at a special rate. The dog must be kept on a leash.
    • A dog may be transported by car in the Netherlands in such a way that this does not or cannot lead to dangerous situations or traffic nuisance (Article 5 of the Dutch Road Traffic Act 994).

    Young animals

    • From December 29, 2014, all puppies and kittens taken to the Netherlands must be vaccinated against rabies. Vaccination is only possible from 12 weeks. The legal withdrawal period after vaccination is 21 days, which means that animals younger than 15 weeks may no longer be imported.

    Particularities for pets in the Netherlands

    • A maximum of 5 animals may be taken to the Netherlands at the same time.

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