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    Netherlands toll

    The Netherlands has no toll roads. A toll has to be paid for some tunnels and a bridge.

    Toll Kiltunnel

    • The Kiltunnel is on the route Dordrecht – ‘s-Gravendeel, N217

    Rates one way:

    • Car lower than 2.30 m: € 2 (with Telecard € 1.45).
    • Car with a height of 2.30 m or more: € 5 (with Telecard € 3.80).
    • There is no toll to be paid for caravans and trailers.
    • The height of a vehicle includes the load.
    • There is a multi-ride card (Telecard) available, deposit € 4.55, to be topped up with a minimum of € 15.
    • For current information see kiltunnel.nl.

    Toll Western Scheldt tunnel

    • The tunnel is on the route Goes – Terneuzen – Westdorpe – Belgium, N62.

    Rates one way:

    • Category 1: vehicle no longer than 6 meters and no higher than 3 m: € 5.00 (with t-tag € 3.00).
    • Category 2: vehicle longer than 6 meters, no higher than 3 m: € 7.45 (with t-tag € 4.50).
    • Category 3: vehicle no longer than 12 meters, but higher than 3 m: € 18.20 (with t-tag € 11.00).
    • Category 4: vehicle longer than 12 meters and higher than 3 m: € 25 (with t-tag € 15).
    • Category 5: motorbike: € 2.50 (with m-tag € 2.00).
    • A multi-ride card (for motorists t-tag, for motorcyclists m-tag) is available. There is also a t-tag with which you can also pay parking fees in a parking garage in Middelburg and Terneuzen. For more information and to order, see movenience.nl.
    • There are six toll-free days annually, all on Saturdays, in 2021 on January 30, February 27, April 24, September 11, October 30 and November 27.
    • For current information see westerscheldetunnel.nl.


    • Bicycles, mopeds, mopeds and microcars are not allowed in the Westerscheldetunnel.
    • During the day they can join the Connexxion regular buses that run through the tunnel.
    • Reserve a place at least 1 hour before departure by telephone via Connexxion, 0113 – 23 33 33.
    • The rates are € 1.65 for a bicycle, € 3.30 for a tandem or bicycle with a trailer and € 5 for a moped, light moped or microcar. Buying a ticket is only possible with a debit card (bank card or credit card) from the bus driver.
    • An alternative to bicycles, mopeds and mopeds is the ferry service Vlissingen – Breskens, see westerscheldeferry.nl.

    Toll bridge in Nieuwerbrug

    • There has been a toll bridge over the Oude Rijn in Nieuwerbrug for centuries.
    • Rate car: € 0.50 (rate boat: € 1.75).

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