Are you traveling by car to or in Western Europe? Yes? And did you know that refueling in Luxembourg is often significantly cheaper than in other countries? This is due to several key factors.

    Lower VAT on Fuel

    Luxembourg applies a lower VAT rate on fuel than most other European countries, naturally resulting in lower prices at the pump.

    No Fuel Excise Duty

    Luxembourg does not impose excise duties on fuel. In many other countries, excise duties contribute significantly to the final price at the pump. As a result, fuel prices in Luxembourg are lower compared to neighboring countries such as Belgium, Germany, and France.

    Uniform Prices on Highways and in Villages

    In Luxembourg, fuel prices along highways are not more expensive than in villages and towns, thanks to a regulation by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This is different from many other countries where refueling along highways is more expensive due to higher operational costs. Therefore, you don’t need to leave the highway to pay even less for your liter of gasoline in Luxembourg. However, during vacation periods, non-highway gas stations tend to be much quieter.


    Refueling in Luxembourg is advantageous due to the lower VAT rate and the absence of excise duties. A slight detour to Luxembourg can be worthwhile to benefit from the lower fuel prices in this beautiful country.