In France, more toll booths are disappearing from highways, but this doesn’t mean drivers no longer have to pay tolls. Instead, tolls are now often collected electronically. This system is already in place on the A79 between Montmarault and Digoin and on the A4 near the Boulay exit.

    Tolls Around Paris

    From June 2024, there will no longer be toll booths around Paris on the A14, and from December 2024, they will also be removed on the A13.

    Péage Flux Libre

    Toll roads are identifiable by signs reading ‘Péage Flux Libre’ and metal arches equipped with detectors and cameras that register license plates.

    Paying Tolls Later

    Drivers must pay the toll within 72 hours at a payment machine along the road to avoid fines, which can reach up to 375 euros.

    Toll Badge

    Another option is the toll badge, a device that automatically pays the toll. This badge must be affixed to the windshield and can also be used at traditional toll booths.

    Online Toll Payment

    Additionally, tolls can be paid online; for the A79, this can be done from 7 days before to 72 hours after the trip via the Aliae website. For the A4, an account must be created with Sanef for payment.

    Paying at Nirio Stores

    Finally, payment can be made within 72 hours at a Nirio store in France.