Where do I have to pay toll in Austria?

    A toll sticker is required for motor vehicles up to 3,500 kg (as indicated on the registration certificate) on Austrian A and S roads.


    On certain routes, separate tolls must be paid, where no vignette obligation applies. These routes are located on the A9, A10, A11, A13, and S16. Access to these routes is difficult without using a route where a vignette is required. It is advisable to always purchase a toll sticker.

    Paying toll on Sondermautstrecken

    For routes such as Sondermautstrecken, it is best to pay with a credit card at manned toll booths. Payment can also be made at ATMs, which accept both cash (coins and bills up to € 20) and major credit cards. On the A13 (Brenner), A10 (Tauern), and A9 (Pyhrn), there are also machines where only credit card payments are accepted. Lanes leading to these machines are marked with a striking orange color.

    Paying without stopping in Austria

    At some routes, it is possible to pay without stopping using the so-called Digital Streckenmautkarte. This card must be purchased and registered with the license plate in advance. When the car passes the toll booth, the system recognizes the card with the associated license plate, allowing the driver to proceed. This is possible at special Digital Streckenmaut toll booths and all other passageways. This card is available for the Karawankentunnel (southbound only), Brennerautobahn, Tauernautobahn, Pyhrnautobahn, and Arlbergtunnel. Single cards and annual cards are available, purchasable at gas stations along the toll roads and via asfinag.at.

    GO-Box for vehicles heavier than 3,500 kg

    Vehicles (including campers) with a permissible maximum mass of more than 3,500 kg must be equipped with a GO-Box on toll roads. The GO-Box automatically pays per kilometer driven on toll roads. The regular vignette does not apply to this weight class. This rule applies only to the towing vehicle, not to any trailers or trailers. The GO-Box ensures automatic payment at toll stations.

    Where can I buy a GO-Box?

    The GO-Box is available and can be recharged at certain gas stations along the toll roads in Austria and at gas stations in neighboring countries close to the Austrian border. A pictogram (the word GO on a blue square) indicates on signs at which gas stations the GO-Box is available.

    Paying toll in Austria and prices

    For detailed information and toll calculator, visit go-maut.at. Telephone contact is possible via the ASFINAG service number: +43 1 955 12 66. For current rates, see asfinag.at/toll/vignette and oeamtc.at/thema/maut-vignette.