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Tolls have to be paid on a large number of roads in Norway.


  • Tolls have to be paid on a large number of roads in Norway. For many routes this is temporary: in Norway, the costs for new roads, bridges and tunnels are paid by tolls. When the construction costs have been settled, the toll on that specific route will be lifted.
  • Bergen, Oslo, Trondheim, Kristiansand and some other cities also collect (city) tolls.
    For more information, see and

Tolls based on fuel

  • In Norway, toll rates are based on the fuel the vehicle is running on. The rates for electric vehicles are considerably lower than those for petrol or diesel vehicles. See the toll calculator at


  • Those who have a disability card can obtain exemption from tolls for most toll routes. For more information, see The exemption can be requested via
    There is no longer an exemption for electric vehicles. The rate is even lower. See the toll calculator above.


Option 1: just keep driving

  • There is no need to take any action when staying in Norway. Anyone approaching a toll road can simply continue without stopping. With cameras above the road, the license plate of the vehicle is scanned, not the license plate of the trailer or caravan. A considerable amount of time is required to process the photos.
  • The bill is then sent to your home within four to six months by Euro Parking Collection (EPC) in London. There is no additional charge for this service.
  • If the bill is not paid within the set period, a reminder will follow with an added fine of NOK 300.

Pay attention

  • In this case, the highest rate applies. If you have a vehicle that qualifies for a reduced rate, for example an electric car, it is better to opt for the second or third option.
  • At a small number of toll stations you are not allowed to continue driving, but you must pay in cash in Norwegian kroner or with a debit card. If you do not stop and pay here, you risk a fine of NOK 300.
  • It is no longer possible to pay at a nearby petrol station up to three days after passing a toll plaza.
  • Company car: Leasing companies can charge administration costs for forwarded invoices. Ask the society about this. Registering the lease vehicle in advance is option 2.

Option 2: registration in advance

  • It can be useful to use the automatic payment system (Visitor’s Payment). To do this, you must register your vehicle for an EPC account at The account provides direct insight into the costs incurred per route. Arrange this before you travel.
  • Also with this system, stopping at a toll road is not necessary and the license plate is scanned with cameras. The invoice will be sent.
  • The prepaid payment method with a credit card has been discontinued.

Option 3: EasyGo and AutoPASS

  • A toll booth (tag or OBE, on board equipment) from EasyGo or AutoPASS on the inside of the windshield is an easy way to pay tolls and ferry fees in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The system can be used on bridges and roads of various toll companies and on ferry services between Denmark and Germany. In addition, certain discounts apply.
  • For detailed information about EasyGo see Tol in Denmark and for AutoPASS see and

Rental car

  • When renting a car in Norway, it is wise to inquire with the rental company whether the vehicle has been registered for payment at the toll stations.
  • If this is not the case, the bill for the toll will be sent to the car rental company, who will then forward it to the renter of the car. Administration costs are often charged for this.
  • To prevent this, the rental car can be registered at for toll payment by credit card (Visitor’s Payment), stating the registration number of the rental car and the rental period.

Road and tunnel tolls

Citytoll Oslo en Bærum


Citytoll Bergen (B) 30-56
Citytoll Kristiansand (C) 14-21

Citytoll Nord-Jaeren


Fv. 45 Gjesdal


Fv. 118 Svinesundsforbindelsen (D) 20
E6 Svinesundsforbindelsen (D) 20

A: See or
B: Rates vary during and outside peak hours, see or
C: Rates vary during and outside peak hours, see or
D: The same rate applies for the new bridge as for the old one. For more information and current rates, see also
In case of problems with registration or payment, call telephone number 02012 (in Norway) or + 47 91 50 2012 (outside Norway), or send an email (in Norwegian, German or English) to