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Climate and weather in Norway

  • Norway is 3000 kilometers long from north to south and has three climate zones. The coastal regions have a moderate climate thanks to the Gulf Stream. There is a lot of rain because the area is sandwiched between a large water surface and the mountains in the east.
  • Central Norway has large differences in summer and winter temperature. Some valleys are so sheltered that the summer temperature can rise high. There are also valleys that are considered among the driest places in Europe. Some of the high plains are the Hardangervidda and Finnmarksvidda. These treeless high plains have a harsh (tundra) climate, with hot dry summers and extremely low temperatures in winter. Because there is little wind and it is relatively dry, the cold can be endured.

Travel season

  • Most people visit Norway in the summer months, from June to August. The days are long then, especially above the Arctic Circle.
  • Norway is also popular as a winter sports destination. The months of February and March are the best for this.
  • The highest mountain passes will not be snow-free until the end of May.

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