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Rules customs Poland

Do you know what you can take with you from and to Poland? Below you will find import and export duties for alcohol and tobacco, among other things.



  • There are rules regarding the import, transport and vaccinations of pets.
  • Also remember to check the rules of the countries on the route to Poland.

Transport of pets

  • A pet must be transported in such a way that it cannot lead to dangerous situations or traffic nuisance.


  • A dog or cat needs an EU pet passport, available from the vet. This passport contains a description of the animal, the name and address of the owner, the registration number of the chip (standard ISO microchip 11784/11785 is inserted) and proof of vaccination against rabies. There is also room in the passport for a health certificate and other treatments or vaccinations.

Various customs rules

  • An overview of the quantities of alcohol and tobacco that you can bring into Poland can be found at (English: customs rules).
  • See also the general rules of the European Union:
  • Note: The minimum age for the consumption or purchase of alcoholic beverages may differ within the country from the minimum age for the import of alcoholic beverages.


  • If you use medication, take a European Medical Passport with you. This document includes information such as medication use, illness, conditions and the contact details of your doctor. It is available for a small fee from general practitioners and pharmacies, among others.
  • You must have a medical certificate with you to take medicines that fall under the Opium Act (such as certain sleeping pills, ADHD medicines and strong painkillers).