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Traveling to Poland and going on holiday with the car (and caravan), is a great outlook. Being well prepared for a long journey through Europe is half the job. Below you will find information on the busy roads, border crossings, traffic calendars, alternative routes, peak days and hours, traffic information services, etc., in Poland.

Traffic density in Poland

Busy roads

  • A1 Gdansk – Lódz – Katowice.
  • A2 Frankfurt a / d Oder (German border) – Poznan – Warsaw.
  • A4 Görlitz (German border) – Wroclaw – Krakow.

Poland traffic information


The Polish Automobile Club PZM only provides Polish-language information on pzm.pl.

Roads and routes

  • Route 1: via Hannover – Frankfurt an der Oder – Subice.
  • Route 2: via Kassel – Eisenach – Dresden – Görlitz – Zgorzelec.

New roads


  • Czestochowa North – Czestochowa South (25 km). Delivered December 2019.
  • Czestochowa south – Pyrzowice (33 km). Delivered August 2019.
  • Kamiensk – Szczepocice Prywatne (24 km). Delivery November 2021.


  • Warsaw-Lubelska (S2) – Choszczowka Stojecka (15 km). Completion June 2020.


  • Forst (border Germany) – Golnice. Road surface improvement in an easterly direction (71 km). Completion date (2020) unknown.

S2 (Warsaw southern bypass)

  • Warsaw-Pulawska – Warsaw-Lubelska (A2) (19 km). Delivery August 2020.


  • Kazmierzow – Lubin North (14 km). Date of completion unknown.


  • Lipno – Mosina (36 km). Delivered December 2019.
  • Szubin-north – Lipniki (10 km). Delivered July 2019.
  • Mieleszyn – Znin-north (25 km). Delivered December 2019.
  • Znin North – Szubin North (19 km). Delivery at the end of 2020.


  • Goleniow (S3) – Glewice (6 km). Delivered April 2019.
  • Glewice – Nowograd west (13 km). Delivered May 2019.
  • Nowograd East – Kolobrzeg West (58 km). Delivered October 2019.
  • Kolobrzeg west – Ustronie Morskie (15 km). Delivered November 2019.


  • Lubien – Naprawa (8 km). Delivered December 2019.
  • Naprawa – Skomielna Biala (2 km). Completion March 2021.
  • Skomielna Biala – Zabornia (5 km). Delivered September 2019.


  • Radziejowice – Siestrzen (10 km). Delivered October 2019.


  • Bielice (S6) – Koszalin west (2 km). Delivered October 2019.
  • Szczecinek North – Turowo (12 km). Delivered November 2019.
  • Kepno-Krazkowy – Baranow (7 km). Completion June 2021.


  • Garwolin South – Ryki North (29 km). Delivered July 2019.
  • Ryki North – Skrudki (16 km). Delivered September 2019.
  • Skrudki – Kurow west (13 km). Delivered June 2019.
  • Warsaw-Lubelska (S2) – Ostrowik (15 km). Completed at the end of 2019.
  • Ostrowik – Antoninek (8 km). Completion mid-2020.
  • Antoninek – Garwolin North (13 km). Delivered December 2019.


The A18 Cottbus (D) – Golnice has no motorway status. The roadway towards Golnice / Wroclaw is of very poor quality (concrete road surface from 1938). It is not yet known when the roadway will be renovated, possibly in 2020. The roadway towards Germany is of better quality.


Road network

  • Poland’s extensive road network consists largely of paved roads.
  • Dirt roads are only found in rural areas.

Road safety

  • A relatively high number of serious road accidents occur in Poland compared to other European countries.
  • Poland is an important transit route for heavy freight traffic from east to west. That is why we are constantly working on improving the road network. Therefore, take into account a lot of roadworks on the road, especially in the summer months.
  • Driving in the dark can be dangerous in Poland because the roads are often narrow and poorly lit, many (unlit) cyclists and pedestrians use the roads and there are many road works that are sometimes insufficiently marked.

Breakdown assistance

Safety first!

  • Stop in a safe place. If possible, stop to the right in the roadside or on the emergency lane as far as possible (make sure there is enough room to turn right). Turn your front wheels towards the verge or crash barrier.
  • Turn on your alarm lights; this is mandatory. Have the warning lights on your car flash and leave it on after you have placed a warning triangle.
  • Put on a safety vest. As a driver you are obliged to wear a safety vest during the day as well as at night if you leave your car in case of breakdown or accident. This also applies to drivers of motorcycles, and mopeds. Put on the safetty vest preferably before you leave the car, and also have your passengers put on a vest.
  • Carefully get out of the car, and also get all passengers off, on the side where there is no traffic, and find a safe place behind the crash barrier or on the roadside. Never cross a highway.
  • If necessary, place a warning triangle. Only if your car is on a driving lane you must place a warning triangle at least 30 m behind your car, unless this is dangerous for your own safety. If your car is on the emergency lane, you do not have to place a warning triangle. Note: On the highway you may not place a warning triangle because it is too dangerous. It is also forbidden to walk on a highway. It is also not mandatory on other roads to place a warning triangle if your life is at risk.


  • Call the emergency number 112. In the event of an accident that has caused significant damage or personal injury, call the emergency number 112. You are obliged to call in the event of personal injury. In the event of a collision with only limited eye damage, it is sufficient to exchange information in Poland. However, in case of doubt or disagreement between parties, always call the police.
  • Do not leave the place of the accident. It is forbidden and punishable to leave the scene of an accident without exchanging information and helping any wounded.
  • Provide first aid. If you are involved in, or witness to, an accident, you are obliged to provide assistance to the wounded insofar as you are capable of doing so and can do so without endangering yourself or others.
  • Exchange data. All involved in an accident are obliged to exchange their personal details and insurance details.

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