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Portugal Checklist Car

Portugal Checklist Car by Travel Information Europe

What is mandatory in the car in Portugal?

If you go on holiday to Portugal by car please keep in mind that you have to take a number of items with you. We list the mandatory products for you. Not only for cars but also for drivers of a motorcycle and moped.

Mandatory in the car: checklist Portugal

Required in the car

  • Warning triangle – It is mandatory to have a warning triangle in the car.
  • Use of a warning triangle in the event of a breakdown or an accident is only mandatory if your car is completely or partially stationary in the lane and is not clearly visible at a distance of at least 100 m (even at night you may not need to place a triangle with good street lighting).
  • Place the warning triangle at least 30 m behind your car and in such a way that it can be seen from other traffic at a distance of at least 100 m.
  • Safety vest – It is mandatory to bring a reflective safety vest and it is mandatory to wear a safety vest in the event of a breakdown or an accident.
  • The safety vest must be stored in an easily accessible place (not in the trunk).
  • In Europe, a reflective vest must comply with the EN 20471: 2013 standard (fluorescent yellow, orange or red and provided with retro-reflective strips).
  • The above-mentioned safety equipment is only mandatory in vehicles with a Portuguese registration number, but we advise drivers to follow the local rules for safety reasons and to avoid a possible discussion with the police on the spot.


  • Note: When renting a car, always check that the mandatory equipment (warning triangle and safety vest and if necessary a fire extinguisher is present and provide safety vests for all passengers.

Mandatory on the bike

  • A warning triangle and a safety vest are not mandatory for motorcyclists.


  • Spare glasses – It is not mandatory to bring spare glasses with you in Portugal, but we advise drivers with a driving license stating that they wear glasses or contact lenses (restriction code 01) to bring a spare pair of glasses to avoid any discussion with the police. on the spot.