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Portugal Fuel Prices

Portugal Fuel Prices by Travel Information Europe
Check out the current fuel prices in Portugal. You can refuel different types of fuel in Portugal. Not all fuels are equally available.

Current Fuel Prices in Portugal

Petrol: € 1.56
Diesel: € 1.36
LPG: € 0.70

Fuel in Portugal


E5 – E10

  • Euro 95 E5 (Gasolina 95 (Simples) E5 / Sem Chumbo 95 E5) is readily available in Portugal.
  • Superplus 98 E5 (Gasolina 98 (Simples) E5 / Sem Chumbo 98 E5 / Super com aditivo E5) is readily available at the filling stations of the larger oil companies (inland and on secondary roads, gasoline with 98 octane number may be less available). Gasoline with an octane number of 100 is also available.
  • E10, petrol with 10% bioethanol, is also available in Portugal. If you have a car that is not suitable for E10, always pay attention to the E-label of the fuel you want to refuel.
  • Portuguese petrol stations are obliged to supply petrol without these expensive additives in addition to their own petrol with all kinds of additives. This cheaper petrol (which meets the European standards) is indicated by the term Simples: Gasolina 95/98 Simples.
  • Note: The Portuguese names of gasoline and diesel are very similar: gasolina is gasoline and gasóleo is diesel.



  • Diesel (Diesel / Gasóleo) is available. B7 contains a maximum of 7% biodiesel.
  • Portuguese filling stations are obliged to supply diesel without these expensive additives in addition to their own diesel with all kinds of additives. This cheaper diesel (which meets European standards) is referred to by the term Simples: Gasóleo Simples.
  • Colored (green) diesel (Gasóleo Verde / Gasóleo Colorido / Gasóleo Agrícola) is also sold in Portugal, intended exclusively for agricultural vehicles. It is prohibited to use this cheaper diesel in a normal passenger car.
  • Note: The Portuguese names of gasoline and diesel are very similar: gasolina is gasoline and gasóleo is diesel.



  • LPG (Autogás / GPL (Gás de Petróleo Liquefeit)) is available at more than 400 petrol stations. For an overview of LPG refueling locations, go to mylpg.eu.
  • In Portugal you need a LPG filling nipple Spain (Euronozzle) as an adapter for an LPG installation with a regular bayonet connection. A LPG filling nipple Italy (dish) may be required at some petrol stations.
  • In Belgium and Germany, among others, a LPG filling nipple Europe (ACME) is needed and in France an LPG filling nipple Italy (dish).


  • Natural gas (GNV (Gás Natural Veicular)) is very limited available. As far as is known, there are just over 10 natural gas filling stations in Portugal (source: ngva.eu). For an up-to-date overview of all locations, visit cngeurope.com or use the PitPoint app for IOS or Android to find natural gas filling stations.


  • Portugal has more than 2000 charging points (source: eafo.eu), most of which are located in and around the capital Lisbon. (For comparison: The Netherlands has more than 60,000 charging points)
  • For an up-to-date overview of the locations of charging points, visit chargemap.com and openchargemap.org

Petrol stations

Opening hours

  • Many petrol stations are open 24 hours a day along the highways and at the entrance and exit roads of cities (aberto 24 horas).
  • Elsewhere, petrol stations are often open at least from 7am to 9pm or 10pm.


  • Payment can be made in cash and with a bank card at petrol stations.
  • Credit cards are also accepted at almost all petrol stations, although it must be taken into account that sometimes transaction costs of € 0.50 are charged.

Tank dispensers

  • After closing time, it is possible to refuel at a filling machine at some petrol stations.
  • At a filling machine, payment must be made with a bank card or credit card (with pin code). Please note that some bank and credit cards may not be accepted.

Cheap refueling

  • In Portugal, refueling is generally cheapest at the petrol stations connected to large supermarkets.
  • Petrol stations in Portugal are obliged to supply cheaper fuel without additives. This cheaper fuel (which complies with European standards) is usually referred to as gasolina / gasoleo simples.
  • Use the Portuguese government’s website precoscombustiveis.dgeg.pt (in Portuguese only) to search for the cheapest gas stations near or in a specific city.

Reserve fuel

  • It is recommended not to carry more than 10 liters of fuel in a reserve tank.