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    In Portugal, tolls are levied on most motorways. This makes it useful to obtain information about rates and payment options in advance. We have listed all information about tolls in Portugal.


    • Tolls (portagem) have to be paid on various roads in Portugal.
    • Note: Only electronic payment is possible on a number of toll routes. This can be done in various ways, see below.
    • A map of the toll roads can be found at portugaltolls.com and at estradas.pt. The routes with electronic payment only are indicated in red.

    Rate classes

    • Class 1: motorcycles, cars or cars with a trailer with a height (measured vertically at the front axle) of no more than 1.10 meters.
    • Class 2: two-axle motorhomes and passenger or vans with a height (measured vertically at the front axle) of more than 1.10 meters.
    • Class 3: three-axle vehicles or combinations with a height (measured vertically at the front axle) of more than 1.10 meters.
    • Class 4: four or multi-axle vehicles or combinations with a height (measured vertically at the front axle) of more than 1.10 meters.
    • For images of the categories see portugaltolls.com (FAQ’s, Which one is my vehicle’s class?).

    Pay with credit card and cash

    Pay electronically

    • Only electronic payment is possible on a number of toll routes without toll gates.
    • Brisa toll roads can be paid electronically, by credit card and sometimes in cash.

    We have listed 4 options for electronic payment below.

    • Anyone who has not paid a toll via one of the electronic options will automatically receive a fine at home. For information about the amount of the fine, see portugaltolls.com/en/web/portal-de-portagens/faq-s.
    • Those who do not want to pay toll electronically should avoid these routes.
    • For more information about electronic payment, see portugaltolls.com/en/web/portal-de-portagens/home.
    • The routes are announced with the indication Electronic toll only or Portagem electronica or with a traffic sign at the driveway.

    How to pay toll in Portugal

    Option 1: Toll badge

    • For most foreigners, a toll badge is the most convenient and cost-effective way to pay toll electronically.
    • With the toll badge you can also pay at several hundred parking lots and parking garages in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. For information on parking in Portugal, see viaverde.pt/particulares/via-verde/onde-e-como-usar/parque (in Portuguese only).
    • The toll badges are linked to a license plate, but they can be transferred to another license plate. This can take several working days.

    Option 2: EasyToll

    • Easytoll can only be used on motorways with electronic toll collection.
    • With EasyToll, the toll amounts are automatically debited via toll gates with cameras because the license plate is linked to a credit card.
    • Registration is required to use EasyToll. This can be done at the bottom of the page portugaltolls.com/en/web/portal-de-portagens/home or at a Welcome Point at the border:
    • A28 – Viana do Castelo service station
    • A24 – 3.5 km from the Chaves / Verin border
    • A25 – Alto Leomil service station (Vilar Formoso)
    • A22 – Vila Real de Santo António
    • After creating an account you will receive a proof that is valid for 30 days. Registration costs approximately € 0.75 and a starting rate of approximately € 0.35 will be charged per ride.
    • More information can be found at portugaltolls.com. Maps of the toll roads can be found under the heading ‘Location’. FAQs: portugaltolls.com/en/web/portal-de-portagens/faq-s.

    Option 3: TollCard

    • The TollCard can only be used on motorways with electronic toll collection.
    • A TollCard, a prepaid card with a credit of € 5, € 10, € 20 or € 40, is available:
    • at CTT post offices, see ctt.pt/feapl_2/app/open/stationSearch/stationSearch.jspx for an overview of the locations;
      at motorway service stations (usually open 24 hours a day), see tollcard.pt/fetcwcm/wcmservlet/en/comprar/onde-comprar.html for an overview of the locations;
    • online at tollcard.pt/fetcwcm/wcmservlet/en/comprar/comprar-online.html.
    • The prepaid card must be activated before use by sending an SMS with a specific code and registration number. The map shows how to do this.
    • The current credit can be requested via portugaltolls.com. When the credit on the card runs out, you will receive an SMS alert.
    • One card is valid for 1 year or until the credit is used up.
    • Any remaining credit can only be reclaimed from a CTT post office if the card was ordered over the Internet using a credit card and within a 6-month period. In other cases, a refund is only possible if the card has not been activated and is undamaged.
    • FAQs: portugaltolls.com/en/web/portal-de-portagens/faq-s.

    Option 4: TollService

    • The TollService can only be used on motorways with electronic toll collection.
    • If you are only staying in Portugal for a few days, you can use TollService with a vehicle in class 1 or 2.
    • There are three options:
    • three-day card for the motorways with electronic toll collection
    • route map A 28 or A 41 Spain – Porto airport
    • route map A 22 Spain – Faro airport
    • For more information and sales addresses (also online), see portugaltolls.com/en/web/portal-de-portagens/home.

    Option 5: Pay afterwards

    • Paying afterwards for the use of electronic toll routes is only possible for cars with a Portuguese registration number (e.g. rental cars, see below). Payment can then be made within five days in a so-called ‘payshop’, at the post office or via pagamentodeportagens.pt. This website indicates which toll companies are affiliated.

    Rental car

    • Rental cars (with a Portuguese license plate) are often equipped with an electronic box (toll badge) for the registration of the tolls, which are then settled with the customer, but rental cars registered in another country are usually not. Inform the landlord in good time.
    • Anyone who gets a rental car that has no equipment for registration of the tolls can only pay the costs afterwards. This works as follows:
    • The license plate of the rental car is automatically registered when the vehicle passes a toll booth.
    • The toll must be paid afterwards in a so-called ‘payshop’. In many places these are housed in kiosks, recognizable by the Payshop sign. It is easier to pay the bill at the local post office (CTT). NB: this is only possible for cars with a Portuguese license plate.
    • Payment can be made in any place from the 2nd working day after passing the toll gate and during 5 working days. The registration number of the rental car must be stated upon payment. It is then checked in the computer which routes have been driven. Subsequently, the toll due must be paid, plus € 0.25 administration costs per toll charge (maximum € 3). The payment is registered in the computer.
    • Take the rental contract with you, so that you can prove the date from which the car was rented, so that you do not have to pay for routes that you have not driven.
    • If the payment term of 5 days has expired without payment of the toll, the driver of the rental car will be fined, plus administration costs. The rental company is obliged to identify the customer if not paid. In order not to be faced with surprises afterwards, it is best to pay within the payment term.
    • The car rental companies and the government are currently looking together for a payment option that is simpler.

    Main route tolls Portugal

    More information

    • Extensive information about the Portuguese estradas: estradas.pt (registration required on this site).
    • Brisa.pt contains information on what to do when an electronic box does not work properly, the balance is too low or when you have forgotten to buy a box (or if it is not present in the car). The information is in English; select menu option ‘Clients / Professionals’.

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