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Portugal Traffic Signs

Portugal Traffic Signs by Travel Information Europe
Most traffic signs in Portugal are (virtually) the same as traffic signs in many other EU countries. Here, in particular, Portuguese road signs are listed that may differ from those in your home country or differ from familiar road signs in terms of appearance or significance.

Road signs Austria

  • The road signs in Portugal are broadly similar to those in other countries.
  • A rectangular white sign with a black place name indicates the start of the built-up area. The same sign with a slanting red line indicates the end of the built-up area.

Car and motorcycle

  • A round blue sign with a white headlight and downward beams means drivers must use low beam.
  • A triangular white sign with a red border and an image of a car surrounded by black dots warns of poor visibility.
  • A round blue sign with a tire with a snow chain on it means that snow chains are mandatory.
  • A white round sign with a red border, a black arrow curving to the left (or right) and a red diagonal bar over it means: Turn left (or right) prohibited.
  • A round white sign with a red border and two cars with a number in between, indicates how many meters drivers must keep from their predecessor.
  • A round white sign with a red border and a horn with a red diagonal line through it means that it is prohibited to blow the horn.

Motorcycle and moped

  • Portugal has an extra variant on the overtaking ban. The prohibition sign shows a black passenger car on the right and a red motorcycle on the left: Prohibition for motorcycles and mopeds to overtake motor vehicles.

Bicycle and pedestrian

  • In addition to the well-known round blue bicycle path sign, there are also similar signs indicating a bicycle / pedestrian path, with or without separate sections for cyclists and pedestrians.


Atenção: Caution, beware
Auto-estrada (AE): Motorway
Cuidado: Careful, beware
Curva perigosa: Dangerous bend
The a prioridade: Give way
Devagar: Slow
Desvio: Diversion
Estacionamento proibido: Parking ban
Estacionar: Parking
Estrada fechada: Road closed
Gelo: Ice cream
Neve: Snow
Pedágio: Toll
Pedestre: Pedestrian
Perigo: Danger
Permitido: Allowed
Prohibido: Prohibited
Sentido único: One-way street
Stop, pare: Stop
Vire: Keren