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Spain Fuel Prices

Spain Fuel Prices by Travel Information Europe
Check out the current fuel prices in Spain. You can refuel different types of fuel in Spain. Not all fuels are equally available.

Current Fuel Prices in Spain

Petrol: € 1.31
Diesel: € 1.18
LPG: € 0.72

Fuel in Spain



  • Lead-free Euro 95 (Gasolina Sin Plomo 95 / Eurosuper plus 95) and lead-free Superplus 98 (Gasolina Sin Plomo 98 / Super plus 98) are readily available.
  • Note: The Spanish names of gasoline and diesel are very similar: gasolina is gasoline and gasóleo is diesel
  • For older cars that still require leaded gasoline, a lead-substitute can be purchased at gas stations that may be added to the gasoline.


  • E85 is a biofuel mix of 15% gasoline and 85% bioethanol that is exclusively intended for special flexifuel cars.
  • Note: E85 is not suitable for normal petrol cars. If you accidentally fill up with E85, then definitely do not drive further and have the fuel removed to prevent damage.
  • E85 is available at a limited number of gas stations.


  • Diesel (Gasóleo / Diesel / Aceite Diesel) is readily available.
  • Note: The Spanish names of gasoline and diesel are very similar: gasolina is gasoline and gasóleo is diesel
  • The black hose is for diesel.


  • LPG (GLP (Gas Licuado de Petróleo) / Autogas / Gasauto) is available across the country at around 520 gas stations. Consult the overview on
  • Spain has switched to the new Euro connector for LPG. To be able to refuel lpg, a lpg installation with a standard connection (bayonet) requires a Euronozzle. At some petrol stations the bayonet connection may still be used and no attachment is required.
  • In the Balearic Islands, LPG is available at a reasonable number of gas stations: 11 in Majorca, 2 in Minorca and 2 in Ibiza. LPG is also reasonably available in the Canary Islands: 5 in Gran Canaria, 4 in Tenerife and 2 in Lanzarote.

Natural gas

  • Natural gas (GNC (Gas Natural Comprimido)) is limited available. There are around 50 natural gas filling stations in Spain. For a current overview of all locations, visit or use the PitPoint for IOS or Android app to find natural gas filling stations.


  • Spain has more than 7,700 estaciónes de carga eléctrical (ectrolineras), or charging points (source:, most of which are located in and around major cities. (For comparison: The Netherlands has more than 60,000 charging points according to
  • The network of public charging points is not yet comprehensive and traveling with an electric car through Spain requires some planning and preparation..
  • For an up-to-date overview of the locations of charging points, visit, or search for charging points via the Chargemap app (IOS and Android), for example.

Gas stations

  • Note: all electrical and electromagnetic devices, such as lamps, a radio or a mobile phone, must be switched off during refueling.
  • Most gas stations along the (toll) highways are open either day or night or from 6 am to midnight.
  • Along the motorways and in the big cities, the gas stations are usually open from 7 am to 10 pm.

How to pay

  • Cash can be paid at gas stations.
  • Bank cards and credit cards are also accepted at the cash register at almost all service stations.

Fuel machines

  • At gas machines you can pay with a bank card or credit card (with pin code). Please note that some bank and credit cards may not be accepted.
  • Note: When paying with a bank card, a certain standard amount of € 100-150 is first reserved as a deposit (pre-authorization) to check whether the balance is sufficient for a full tank. Usually the amount that has been refueled, debited and the rest of the money released within 20 minutes, but sometimes it can also take a few days to two weeks before the reserved amount can be used again.

Cheap fuel

  • Petrol and diesel are cheaper in Spain than in France.
  • In Spain, fuel can generally be cheapest at petrol stations connected to large supermarkets, at petrol stations on industrial sites and in rural areas at petrol stations of cooperatives.
  • Fuel is the most expensive at gas stations along motorways and highways and in the larger cities>

Spare fuel

  • A maximum of 10 liters of fuel may be entered in a reserve tank.