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The Spanish main road network consists of autopistas (motorways, usually tolls) and autovías (toll-free motorways, express roads).

Rate classes


Class 1 (legeros)

  • engines with or without a sidecar;
  • two-axle passenger cars with or without single-axle trailer or caravan without double wheels.
  • biaxial vans, vans, motorhomes.

Class 2 (Pesados ​​1)

  • two-axle vehicles (passenger cars, vans, motorhomes) with a single-axle trailer or caravan with dual wheels;
  • two-axle trucks and buses with a single-axle trailer;
  • three-axle trucks and buses.

Class 3 (Pesados ​​2)

  • two-axle passenger cars, vans, vans, campers with 4 wheels and with a trailer or caravan with 2 or more axles of which at least 1 axle has double wheels;
  • trucks and buses with or without a trailer with a total of at least 4 axles;


  • Cash payment is possible in euros.
  • The well-known credit cards are accepted
  • Paying at toll stations in Spain is often also possible with a bank card, without entering the pin code. This is usually recognizable by signs with the Maestrologo. The possibility to pay in this way can, however, vary greatly per toll company. It is therefore advisable to always have cash or a credit card with you.

Toll rates for main routes and tunnels

  • Rates in euros, updated in December 2020, rates may vary on site.
  • Current rates can be found at (AGE – click on Carreteras and then on Peajes) or on (AP). See the ‘details’ column in the tables.
    The highest rate is stated. For a few routes around Madrid and Barcelona, ​​among others, lower rates apply outside rush hour (times may vary per route; rush hour = hora punta; off-peak time = hora valle).