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Sweden Customs

Sweden Customs by Travel Information Europe

Do you know what you can take with you to and from Sweden? Here you will find the import duties and export duties for, among other things, alcohol, tobacco, money, food and pets.

Travel documents

  • You must have a valid passport or a valid identity card. This rule also applies to children. If the children do not have their own passport, they must be included in the passport of at least one of the parents.

Car, motorcycle and boat

If you travel to Sweden with a car or motorcycle, you must have the following documents:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • A valid registration certificate
  • A green card

If you travel to Sweden with a private boat, you must have the following documents:

  • Title deeds of the boat
  • A home port certificate
  • A nationality certificate


  • Food may be imported freely, provided it is for personal use.


Persons aged 20 and over are free to import the following items (from another EU country):

  • 10 liters of spirits (above 22%) and
  • 20 liters of heavy wine (15-22%) and
  • 90 liters of wine and
  • 110 liters of beer

Tobacco products

  • Persons aged 18 or older are free to import tobacco products from another EU country for their own use (or for your family).
  • Additional restrictions still apply to tobacco products from: Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria.


  • If you use medication, it is a good idea to at least bring a statement about your medication use that you can get from your pharmacy. For some medicines, for example covered by the Opium Act, you need a statement from your doctor.