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    Sweden Environmental Zones

    Sweden Environmental Zones by Travel Information Europe

    Environmental zones

    What about environmental zones in Sweden, and in which cities do you need an environmental sticker? Below it is explained in detail!

    Sweden Environmental zones

    Stockholm and Göteborg

    • To limit car traffic in the center of Stockholm and Gothenburg, a congestion tax (trängselskatt, traffic load) has been introduced.
    • The system works the same for both cities: motor vehicles, with the exception of motorcycles, entering and leaving the city center must pay tax.
    • The scheme also applies to foreign vehicles.
    • There is no payment on weekends, public holidays and in the month of July.
    • Method of lifting: every motor vehicle that enters or leaves the city center between 6:00 am (6:30 am Stockholm) and 6:30 pm, the registration number will be photographed (only on weekdays). No need to stop. The owner of the vehicle (or leasing company) will then automatically receive an invoice.
    • When entering the zone it is indicated how much the tax is. Amounts vary, depending on the time, from SEK 9 to SEK 45 (approximately € 0.90 – € 4.30).
    • The maximum per day in Gothenburg is SEK 60 (approximately € 5.70) and in Stockholm SEK 135 (approximately € 12.80).
    • Failure to pay the congestion tax can result in a fine of SEK 500 (approximately € 47.50).
    • More information: and

    Rental car

    The congestion tax is usually included in the rental price for cars rented locally, but usually not for rental cars registered in another country. Inform the landlord in good time.