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Sweden Toll by Travel Information Europe

The roads in Sweden are toll-free, except on the Oresund Bridge and the inner cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg.


  • There are no toll roads in Sweden. However, a toll has to be paid for a number of bridges. Furthermore, a congestion tax applies in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Tolls for bridges

Oresund Bridge

  • The Oresund Bridge (Øresundsbron) is the connection between Denmark and Sweden.
  • A railway line also runs across the bridge. As pedestrians and cyclists are not allowed on the bridge, they must use the train. The train runs between Copenhagen and Malmö stations. For information, see or
  • You can pay cash at the bridge in Swedish crowns, Danish crowns or euros.
  • Major credit cards are accepted.
  • You can pay online for the Oresund Bridge (at least 30 minutes in advance) via
  • Return tickets are not available, but for those who also drive back via the Oresund Bridge, a BroPas / ØresundBizz can be advantageous. A Bropas costs € 43 per year. If you drive back and forth between 5 and 24 hours on the same day between 1 September and 31 December, the Bropas will be even cheaper (‘SmutTur’). For more information see
  • Payment with EasyGo is also possible, see below or look for detailed information at Tol in Denmark.

Rates January 2020 (rounded) in euros, updated May 2020.

For more information and current rates see

Cars and vans up to 6 m in length
A: 49
B: 54
C: 23

Cars and vans 6 to 10 m in length, and combinations with caravan or trailer up to 15 m
A: 98
B: 108
C: 46

Cars and vans longer than 10 m, and combinations with caravan or trailer longer than 15 m
A: 186
B: 202
C: 88

A: 27
B: 29
C: 11

A: when paying online in advance.
B: with cash payment or by credit card.
C: when paying with BroPas / ØresundBizz.

Svinesund Bridge

  • The banks of Svinesund, which separates Sweden from Norway, are connected by two bridges. The Svinesund Bridge (Svinesundsbron) is part of the E6 motorway. The Old Svinesund Bridge (Gamla Svinesundsbron) is part of the old road between Sweden and Norway. The old bridge is a little further inland than the new one and connects to the Norwegian Fv. 118.
  • The same toll rate in Norwegian kroner applies to both bridges.
  • For rates and payment options see Toll in Norway.

Toll bridges at Motala and Sundsvall

  • Tolls have to be paid for the bridges at Motala and Sundsvall. This applies to cars, campers, vans, buses and trucks registered in Sweden as well as abroad. This toll is known as the ‘infrastructure charge’ and is used to pay for the construction and maintenance of the bridges.
  • The license plate is registered when passing the bridge.
  • The owner of the vehicle will receive an invoice the following month. It is therefore not necessary to stop to pay on the spot; you can simply drive past the toll booth.
  • The rates depend on the type of vehicle and bridge and range from SEK 5 (€ 0.55) to SEK 20 (€ 2.10).
    For more information, see:

Congestion tax Stockholm and Gothenburg

  • The collection of the congestion tax in Stockholm and Gothenburg takes place in the same way as the collection of the infrastructure charge (toll) at Motala and Sundsvall.
  • For more information and rates, see:

Pay with EasyGo

  • An easy way to pay tolls and ferry fees in Denmark, Sweden and Norway is EasyGo. The system can be used on bridges and roads of various toll companies and on ferry services between Denmark and Germany. In addition, certain discounts apply.


Due to the currency conversion, paying in cash is usually cheaper than paying with a credit card.