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Sweden Traffic Signs

Sweden Traffic Signs by Travel Information Europe
Most traffic signs in Sweden are (virtually) the same as traffic signs in many other countries. Here, in particular, Swedish road signs are listed that may differ from those in your home country or differ from familiar road signs in terms of appearance or significance.

Road signs Sweden

  • Warning and prohibition signs have a thick red border and a yellow instead of white background, so that they are more visible when there is snow.
  • On the round yellow prohibition signs with a red border, a diagonal red stripe has been placed over the black image, unlike in i.e. the Netherlands.
  • Tourist information is displayed on brown square boards. A tourist route is indicated by a brown square sign with a white flower.
  • If a ban is linked to certain hours, the hours are stated on a rectangular yellow plate with a red border. The hours can be indicated in black (for Mon to Fri), black in brackets (for Saturday) or red (for Sunday).
  • A rectangular white sign with a black silhouette of a village or townscape indicates the start of the built-up area.
  • The same sign with a slanting red line indicates the end of the built-up area.

Car and motorcycle

  • The sign that indicates a car (fast) road has a green instead of blue background.
  • The bottom sign with the text Flervägsstopp at the octagonal red stop sign at an intersection means that drivers must stop and then give way in order of arrival.
  • The bottom sign with the text Flervägsväjning next to the triangular sign Giving way at an intersection on its point, means that drivers must give way in order of arrival.
  • A yellow round sign with a red border, a black arrow curving to the left and a red diagonal bar over it means: No turn left.
  • A yellow round sign with a red border and a snowmobile with a red diagonal stripe over it means snowmobiles are prohibited.
  • A round yellow sign with a red border and two cars with a number in between, indicates how many meters drivers must keep from their predecessor.
  • A square blue sign with a white letter M (Mötesplats) means avoidance / passing place and occurs on narrow roads where there is no room for an oncoming vehicle to pass.
  • A black square sign with a thin white border and a white number (for example 50) indicates a recommended speed limit.


  • The traffic signs with the image of a motorcycle also apply to mopeds (moped class I).
  • The traffic signs with the image of a bicycle also apply to mopeds (moped class II).
  • The traffic sign Prohibited for mopeds only applies to mopeds (moped class II), unless the sign has a plate indicating that the prohibition also applies to a moped class I.

Bicycle and pedestrian

  • In addition to the well-known round blue bicycle path sign, there are also similar signs indicating a bicycle / pedestrian path, with or without separate sections for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • A round blue sign with pedestrians indicates a mandatory pedestrian path; a square blue sign with pedestrians means a free-use pedestrian path.
  • A round blue sign with a bicycle indicates a mandatory cycle path; a rectangular blue sign with a bicycle means a freely usable cycle path.


1 tim Maximum
1 hour (parking time)


Paid parking

Parking permit required



Speed ​​bump

Give way in order of arrival

Stop and give way in order of arrival

Förhyrda platser
Parking permit required

Avoidance place, passing place



Parking disc compulsory





Väg avstängd
Road is closed