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Want to avoid traffic jams in Sweden as much as possible? Keep track of current traffic information and view this route information in advance.

Sweden Traffic information


Traffic information in foreign languages is not broadcast in Sweden.


  • The Swedish Automobile Club provides traffic information via (in Swedish) and (also in English).
  • Webcams and traffic information for the regions of Gothenburg and Stockholm can be found at (in Swedish only).

Busy traffic

Busy roads

  • E18 Stockholm – Enköping.
  • E22 Norrköping – Kalmar – Öland.
  • Road 70, at Borlänge and at Mora.

Busy border crossings

With Finland

  • Tornio / Haparande (E8 / E4).

With Norway

  • E6 Oslo-Gothenburg near Svinesund.

Busy ferry services

  • Gothenburg – Kiel (Germany).
  • Trelleborg – Rostock or Travemünde (Germany).
  • Gothenburg – Frederikshaven (Denmark).
  • Visby (Gotland) – Nynäshamn.
  • Visby (Gotland) – Oskarshamn.
  • Stockholm – Turku (Finland).
  • Stockholm – Helsinki (Finland)
  • Stockholm – Tallinn (Estonia).
  • Stockholm – Riga (Latvia).

In the summer period, take into account extra crowds in front of the ferry terminals.

Events and holidays

Count on extra traffic around important events and holidays:

  • Midsummer night party, extra pressure on the E22 Norrköping – Kalmar and on the island of Öland: June 18, 2021.

Peak hours

  • Especially in the summer period, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Uppsala are extra busy on Friday afternoons and Sunday evenings.

Roads and routes

  • The fast route to Sweden runs via Bremen – Hamburg – Flensburg – Odense – Great Belt Bridge (toll) – Copenhagen – Oresund Bridge (toll).
  • A slightly shorter route runs via Hamburg – Lübeck – Puttgarden (ferry) – Rødby – Copenhagen.

New roads

  • E4: Ljungby South (Kanna) – Toftanäs (32 km), extra lanes. Completion 2022.
  • E22: Satarod – Kristianstad-Vä (15 km). Delivery unknown.

Driving ban trucks

  • In Sweden there is no driving ban for trucks on public holidays or weekends. However, on major holidays and the days preceding them, there are hardly any trucks in Sweden.

Roadside assistance

  • Safety first
  • Put your car aside as far as possible (preferably on the roadside).
  • Turn the wheels towards the shoulder.
  • Turn on your hazard lights (also make them flash after placing a warning triangle).
  • Put on a safety vest and have your passengers put on a vest as well.
  • Get out of the car on the side where there is no traffic and let your passengers out on that side as well.
  • If necessary, place a warning triangle.
  • Stand behind the crash barrier or on the verge and wait for the roadside assistance service, with a view of the traffic.
  • Never cross the highway, that is dangerous!

Road network

  • Sweden has a well-developed and well-maintained road network.
  • Around Stockholm, along the coast of the Kattegat and on the route between those two regions, there are several excellent highways.
  • The other main roads in Sweden have two, sometimes four lanes and are easy to drive on.
  • Some roads have three lanes. Traffic in both directions alternately has one or two lanes at its disposal.
  • There are many unpaved roads in the forests of central Sweden and Lapland. However, they are often only accessible to forest managers and local residents.
  • Ferries provide connections where bridges cannot be built.

Road safety

  • Driving in the dense forests of central Sweden quickly leads to exhaustion due to the relative silence and monotony.
  • The roads are only closed in extreme winter weather. In the winter months they are cleared of snow as soon as possible.
  • In the spring, roads can be temporarily closed due to the melting snow. Keep in mind that the road surface can be damaged by frost.
  • In Central and Northern Sweden, take into account crossing (big) game.

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