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Traveling to France and going on vacation with the car (and caravan), is a great outlook. Being well prepared for a long journey through Europe is half the job. Read more

Fuel Prices

Check out the current fuel prices in France. You can refuel different types of fuel in France. Not all fuels are equally available. Read more

Checklist Car

If you go on holiday to France by car keep in mind that you have to take a number of items with you. For example, think of an alcohol tester. Read more

Traffic Rules

The traffic rules in France are sometimes slightly different than in your home country. We list the most important general rules for you. Read more

Traffic Signs

Most traffic signs in France are the same as in many other EU countries. French road signs shown here may differ from those in your home country. Read more

Traffic Fines

You obviously do not intend, but what if you violate the traffic rules in France? What about the fine? Read more

Environmental zones

What about environmental zones in France, and in which cities do you need an environmental sticker? Here we explain everything in detail! Read more


Do you know what you can take with you to and from France? Here you will find the import duties and export duties for alcohol and more. Read more


Paying in France, how about that? Are there ATMs in France just like in your home country? Read more

Getting around

Whether you go with your own car, rent a car, or go by boat or plane, on this page you will find all practical information about transport in France. Read more


In France, tolls are levied on most motorways. It helps to obtain information about rates and payment options in advance. Read more


The size of France and the large geographical differences ensure that there are various climates. Read more

Being there

You are on vacation in France. Delicious! Do you have suitable clothes with you and which plugs can you use? Here you will find practical information on site. Read more